Puppy Play

Evie had the most hyper moment with Monty this morning. Normally Evie is a bit nervous around Monty because he tries to bite her playfully, it makes Evie so nervous that she runs away from him. She's not too good with other dogs, but today she was on fire, haha! She was initiating playing with him loads and jumped around like a maniac. In the end we had to let her out and she literally ran laps in the garden, it was so funny. Apparently she had a lot of energy built up.

While I've been here I've cooking the meals, it's pretty fun. I'm trying to put a list together of the meals for the next few days. Tonight I'm making bacon wrapped cod. I'm going to do my best to photograph the progress so that I can post the recipe very soon. It's so delicious. I'm also making really simple potato wedges. I should definitely post that recipe too actually! It's great writing you, it gives me ideas as we speak, perfect! I'm actually really glad that I write down my recipes because I check my own recipes quite often. I tend to have a phase with each recipe after I learn them from a family member or wherever I get them from and I make them a lot because I think they are so delicious, then I post them on my blog. After a while my phase dies down and when I haven't made the dish for a while I look up my own recipe.

I'll have to look up my own recipe on Sunday because we are making homemade burgers and fries so I'll definitely look up my burger bun recipe. The rest is so easy I think I can remember.

How I spend my evenings

I have not worn make-up for a week. That pretty much sums it up!

All I do is run, yoga, walk cook, read, blog and repeat the next day. Right now that seems to be all I need. What I like so much about Wexford is that they are completely on board with the healthy and organic eating trend. Waaay more than Dublin is. There are health food stores everywhere and they have butchers, fresh fish stores and farm stores where they sell locally grown fruit and vegetables. I love it so much. The typical eating habit here in Ireland is pretty bad, have you seen what an Irish breakfast look like? I gag just thinking about it. It's the same as an English breakfast, but they claim it's Irish.

I haven't finished the crate of wine I got from Barefood Wine yet. I enjoy a few glasses on my own from time to time while reading books.

You know they way I decided to give up sugar while I was here? I've made it very well through over one and a half week, but I ordered dark chocolate 70% and 85% that I will eat on Saturday. I know, I'm WILD! I just miss my little snacks and since I've gone a while now without any it just would be nice to have a little bit. I've even tried sugarless chocolate only sweetened with natural fruit sugar. It was good, but I could only find it in Wexford town and I don't fancy a trip in there at the moment. I seriously have to have siesta, it's so warm during the day, haha! The way it is right now, it's lovely and all, but I can't wait for some rain and for the weather to be a little bit cooler. I'm getting a good tan, though :)

Memory Monday

Today I ran for 14 minutes which is my new record, my previous record is 12. Gettn' there! I also did yoga, day 101, and I'm feeling good. I basically spent one hour and forty minutes just on the treadmill and doing yoga. Thank god I could just do it all together in one go because I am so tired today and I don't have to worry about the fact that I should do yoga later. I can just stay in a state of half asleep for the rest of the day.

I'm making a new recipe later that I love which is basically just rice and chicken. It's soooo delicious, though. I better take some pictures and share the recipe on the blog. It's so easy and good.

We are watching a Great Dane puppy for two weeks while the owner is on vacation in Tunisia. He is the most adorable thing, he is pretty skinny, but has huge paws and is even clumsier than I am. Right now he is lying on me snoring louder than an old man. It's like he has two modes: deep asleep and hyper and very destructive. He's so bold at times!