MV Cill Airne, The Boat Restaurant

I've seen this boat a few times wanting to go there. I think a restaurant on a boat sounds so cool so before leaving Dublin for a while I knew I had to check it out. I booked a table for two for the restaurant at first, but when we got there they only had seats inside. I asked if it was possible to sit outside, but apparently only the bar was outside. I thought the restaurant looked handsome and all, but a little old fashioned and not in a good way. I couldn't find anything on the menu that I really wanted either so we decided to go up to the bar instead. I'm so happy we did, we got to sit outside and enjoy the sunset, they had amazing music playing and delicious wine! They had a different kitchen so they had typical bar food, I got fish and chips and Ken got a burger. It was my first fish and chips since coming to Dublin this time, it's always delicious so I was very, very pleased. It was also served on those cool wooden chopping board looking things.

The prices was very average bar food prices, I was happy about that because I felt like the food was a little higher quality than average bar food and also presented well which is always a plus. All in all I was very happy, I will definitely take my friends and family there when they visit.

Happy Belated Birthday To Ken And Moving Day Is Over

I decided not to blog for the last two days because 17th was Ken's birthday and 18th was moving day. On Ken's birthday I didn't even do yoga, he had my full attention the entire day and we had the best time! We were out almost the whole day and only went home to have a huge pizza with Ken's dad. It was so delish!

I also spent some time packing little stuff and sealing some boxes getting ready for the 18th. When the 18th came around Ken had an early photography job at a shopping center. Wanting to know what a shopping center is like before it opens had be come with him. It wasn't that special.. Haha! There were still people around, lights on, music playing and the stores were getting ready to open.

On the moving day the van came at a little before 2 o'clock and we finished loading it at 4. We spent less time unloading it and we tidied everything today. I'm the tiredest in the world today somehow, I randomly fell asleep on the couch earlier and everything!

Now, I just wanted to say hi and say happy belated birthday to my man <3 You're awesome!


Every year there is a street performance fair in Dublin. I had no idea, but our room mates told us about it and suggested we go there all four of us. We were obviously down for that. It was lovely, it was very family-y, haha! There were a lot of children and families there, it was very much so a family event, but they gave out free Oreos and had a petting zoo so I was happy anyway!

I take in every moment in Dublin before we're leaving. I had to stop to photograph every little thing I went past so I can remember it forever. Most of the pictures are phone snaps I took throughout the day :)

Ken's amazing picture

Ken's amazing picture

Delivery From Norway

Ok. YAY!

I knew this package was on it's way and I've been excited for it ever since. When the door bell finally rang and it was here it was 8 am and I didn't quite understand what was going on, but later my excitement increased! Haha! I'm not going to lie, I ate all the chocolate almost immediately after I opened it. I'm saving all my Nemi's for my time in Wexford. I also have a few Nutriletts left.

I am in the middle of packing so I will get back to that. Hopefully I will blog you later :)