One of the places you need to visit in California is the fast food restaurant IN-N-OUT. It's like McDonald's and Burger King just way better and not made with crazy, awful conservatives and things like that. I think it's a California thing only because they definitely don't have it in New York and I didn't see it in Nevada or Arizona or anywhere else that I went.

It is soooo tasty!! You have to give it a visit if you are ever in California!

Memory Monday

Happy Monday everyone!

Aliens are for real

On the way to California we drove past the most peculiar shop. In the U.S they have something called Jerky. Usually it's beef jerky and I tasted it at some point and I did not like it whatsoever. It's like tiny dried beef pieces. Ken's mum, Mandy, just wanted one thing from the U.S. and that was Turkey Jerky. We couldn't find it anywhere else, but in this odd shop that also sold alien jerky. Absolutely everything in the shop was alien themed and there was moving aliens in an alien car outside the shop! I went to the bathroom in there and I went in sooooo carefully expecting an alien to jump in front of me at any minute.

Oscar de la Renta, The Icon

I just wanted to share this video remembering Oscar de la Renta. I still can't quite grasp the fact that he is gone.