Memory Monday

I apologize sincerely for not blogging yesterday and as much lately. Something peculiar is happening with my computer, it won't charge from sockets in the room I'm staying in. I tried to charge it from every socket in the room, but none worked so my computer had no battery for blogging. The weird thing is that about a month ago it used to charge just fine from the socket in the room. It charges perfectly from the socket here in the living room, where I am currently sitting and blogging. it's so weird! I remember Ken had a similar problem before when we used to live in an apartment in Norway. I wonder why that happens! Does anyone know?

Other than that I am busy with my pup, Holly. I'll post some more pictures of her very soon! She is so wonderful!! I'm learning lots about maintaining a dog, how treat a dog and how to enjoy it to the fullest! I'm currently reading my second Cesar Millan book and it's actually so good. He is really a wonderful person who has changed millions of canine lives and well as human lives which I have a lot of respect for. I used to think that Cesar Millan was just a talented dog-guy, but very commercialized and basically just hyped up to be sold like Hollywood does to certain people. However, this random Mexican dog-guy had a mission and something he believed in and actually made it! His message and what he stands for is really wonderful. If you have a dog or are thinking about getting one I would 100% recommend to read his books and watch his show to get a good image on how to fulfill yourself as an owner and most importantly, your dog. I actually think you might enjoy his books without having a dog in your life, but obviously it's very dog oriented.

It's currently so cold and windy here in Ireland. I keep receiving pictures from my dad who is visiting the family in east of Norway and it looks like a winter wonderland and I seriously miss it so much! I really need to visit Norway asap! I haven't been there for over a year which is pretty tough at the moment as I really miss my friends and family. I'll stay strong, though, and go visit really soon.


I miss Disneyland

I found my Minnie ears today and it made me want to go back to Disneyland so bad!!! It was so much fun! I wish it was even a possibility, but it is many, many miles away and so are Cat and Celine who were the most awesome people to go to Disneyland with. To go from New York to L.A. to Wexford here in Ireland has been... interesting considering Wexford is literally in the middle of nowhere.

Thankfully I have my brand new puppy to spend time with and a brand new year to plan! I keep forgetting to do it, but I would like to actually make a plan for 2015 and write it down. That would be so practical to make sure I'm saving enough money and feel somewhat prepared instead of just waiting for time to pass and things to happen. I would like to add a little bit of structure to some parts of my life like that. I'm looking forward to it and I feel inspired.

Do you remember I talked about the life-building blocks? You can find it here if not. I talked about how I need three things as a base, kind of. Once those three things are happening I can do anything and everything just falls into place. Those three things are: Having it tidy around me, healthy eating and exercise. I wrote in my blogpost how I have trouble with the latter, exercise, but I am so happy to tell that I managed to start and at the moment, just slowly with walking at least 10 000 steps. At least it's something and I feel really great about it, when I feel ready I'll start doing yoga and running as well. So far my pre new year resolutions are going well!

Do you have any pre new year resolutions or a new year resolutions? :)


Something Happened... Something Big

I have adopted a brand new family member!!!

Her name is Holly Snow Eyra and she is the cutest, kindest puppy you can imagine! She is a five months old terrier mix (I believe West Highland Terrier and Jack Russell, but no one quite knows) and she is absolutely wonderful!

I better tell you how this all came about. There is a place in Wicklow, here in Ireland, that rescues dogs in need. That place has a Facebook page. Why I had 'liked' it I'm not entirely sure to be honest with you. It's a pretty big place and turns out one of my closest girlfriends volunteer there sometimes so someone probably invited me to 'like' the Wicklow Animal Welfare page, as they are called. On their page they post pictures of animals who came in to their rescue asking for people who are able to take them. Ken's mum, Mandy, stumbled upon a picture of a teeny, tiny Chihuahua that had been rescued from a puppy mill (awful stuff!!!). What possessed her to write to the rescue center asking for the little Chihuahua I have no idea. She says herself that she never ever considered a small dog before, she's always had big dogs, but she did write to their Facebook page asking for her. There were quite a lot of people who were interested in the little Chihuahua, but turns out Mandy was the one getting her.

You may wonder what that has to do with my new dog, I am getting there.

Considering I currently live with Mandy I was, of course, quite invested in the fact that she is getting a new dog. I was checking out their Facebook page, as well, to find the picture of Sally, which Mandy ended up calling her little Chihuahua, and while looking for the picture I stumbled upon a picture of a puppy called Snowy and that's how it all started. I remember thinking "that is one cute puppy" and kept browsing until I found the picture of Sally. The picture of Snowy kind of stuck in my mind. I was so curious who would ever leave a puppy and how a puppy ended up in a rescue so I went back on their page, this time to look for the picture of Snowy.

Ken, Mandy and I all drove up to Wicklow about 1-2 hours away to meet Sally. Sally was as tiny as she had looked in pictures and she became close to Mandy immediately. I kind of asked the woman who owned the rescue very carefully if there was any chance I could meet Snowy, I hadn't written to their Facebook so I wasn't sure if she was still there and I was actually quite sure that I didn't want a dog. Ken told me I should absolutely NOT ask because I wouldn't be able to leave it there. He was right. I met Snowy and fell in love with her. She was a high energy, happy, curious puppy. She is actually nothing like I ever expected my first dog to be like. I pictured myself with a light brown, calm Boston Terrier, but she is nothing like that and she came into my life at a moment I never expected a living puppy to come into my life! I always wanted a dog, but I've never had one before and no one in my family has ever had one. I told the kind lady that I wanted Holly. She seemed delighted to hear it. She gave me about two days to change my mind, but I was sure. We left the dogs there and agreed to pick them up the following week as they would be neutered and ready to go. I was getting so excited!

Waiting those days was torture. I couldn't wait to get started and just have her. It was the longest few days ever! Thankfully it gave me time to order a dog bed, dog bowl and I started reading about dogs. I've been reading so much Cesar Millan at this point I almost consider myself a dog person. I've learned SO MUCH! There is just so much to learn.

Finally the day came and I got my dog. I decided to rename her Holly instead of Snowy, but I also decided to, kind of, honor her previous name and name her Holly Snow.

The reason I didn't blog about it at the time was because I wasn't sure if it was going to happen and so on. I figured I'd rather tell the story in retrospect.

I hope you are all ready for some dog related blog post and a few puppy pics! I'm so excited for her to be part of my tiny family.

The picture I saw on Wicklow Animal Welfare's Facebook page

The picture I saw on Wicklow Animal Welfare's Facebook page

Holding her for the first time while meeting Sally.

Holding her for the first time while meeting Sally.

My 'wow I just adopted a dog face'

My 'wow I just adopted a dog face'

This is the face that looked at me when I left her at the rescue.

This is the face that looked at me when I left her at the rescue.

Memory Monday + Life Thoughts and So On

Ok, it is seriously freezing. I've always known it, but every year this season confirms how little I'm actually cut out for winter. Winter depression is like "helllooooo, did you miss me?". Is 25°C, a beach, long days and a big bright sun too much to ask for? Here in Ireland there isn't even any snow like there is in Norway. Without snow what's the point of winter then??

Bah, I can't wait for longer days and summer dress weather. I suppose I will be spending these cold days planning my warmer happier days, saving money, learning to stay positive, visualising what I want for the coming year and strive to be better.

I was thinking about something.. This year I want some pre-new years resolutions. I want some pre-new years resolution to make it easier for me when the new year actually rolls around. Before my long travel I was in a really great workout and exercise routine where I would workout almost every day, I had set resting days and so on and that worked great for me. I ran and did yoga religiously. It's been hard to get back into it after the travel, I hardly worked out during the travel because I was on the go at all times and when I came back to Ireland I dealt with jet lag. Now I'm struggling to get into a good routine again and I've already enjoyed lots of Christmas chocolate so I feel like it's time for a change.

If I can get a routine going, eat healthy and keep it tidy around me then everything else falls into place. That's my core and base, if I do that I am energised, it's easier to believe in myself and I have less mental barriers to get over. When those things are in place I feel like there is room for new stuff, new projects and things like that which is why I'm choosing to set a pre-new year resolution this year. My goal will be to keep it up rather than starting something new and my resolution will be to take on new projects for the blog and write more.

The reason I'm writing this here on the blog is because I hope I can inspire my lovely beautiful readers to do something similar. Find what you need as your base, what you feel that is essential in your life, which is the first building block to a happier life, to move on and to start an upward spiral that will build confidence and bring you closer to where you want to be and where you visualise yourself in your wildest dreams.

My first building block, like I mentioned, is health, fitness and keeping it tidy. If those aren’t in place I feel that I collapse a little. I get stuck in a pattern where I constantly feel like I should be doing those things regardless of what I’m doing. The easiest for me to fulfil is healthy eating. I need it, want it and live it. I binge like crazy, but then I very naturally get into fruits and vegetables and whole grains again. My body just yearns for it and I happily obey.

Keeping it tidy is also fairly easy for me. The only time it is not easy is when laziness decides to kick in, but even that usually lasts for an afternoon, a day or in worst case scenario: two days. Then I “recover”, tidy my stuff and I’m back to normal.

The trickier one for me is the workout. Like I said, I do get lazy. That’s where I need to be clever on how I get it done. For example: I have to workout during the day. After dinner or in the evening it won’t get done. I set myself small goals. If I exceed those goals that’s great, but I really only need to spend 30 min on the treadmill going at any speed and that’s my goal. Most of the time I enjoy myself and go for 1 hour or 1 1/2 hours often running, but if I were to set myself those goals I would never ever do it. I am also very OK with it if I actually only do 30 min walking. This third part of my first building block is the one I am currently struggling with and I hope you will all will wish me the best of luck on getting into more of an active lifestyle!

What are your building blocks like? Where do you want to be?