Much too funny!

The funniest thing happened. I'm certain only I will find it funny, but I'll share anyway.

I was sitting on the bed nibbling on some dark chocolate I had. Ken loves scaring me so he hopped into the room yelling something loud. I got so scared that I stood up as fast as I could and threw the chocolate pack on the floor. I had lots of chocolate in my mouth which Ken could see obviously and immediately, alarmed, asked why I was eating chocolate without him. I could not help but laugh so much because I kind of felt guilty, but truth is he doesn't like dark chocolate so it was all mine. While I was rolling around on the bed laughing because of; first my reaction and then his, Ken went over to his sock drawer to get socks for himself. The first socks he took out was a black pair of my own that always ends up in his drawer because all his socks are black, but they are my only black pair. His first reaction was to unfold them as yell "WHAT ARE THESE MINI SOCKS ALWAYS DOING IN MY DRAWER?!" and threw them at the wall! What kind of reaction is that?? Hahaha!! It cracked me up even more and I still haven't stopped laughing about it. He didn't have to call them mini socks just because they are smaller than his socks. It's just the funniest reaction!!

Anyway, it's weeeeekend! I am going out in a while and I'm not returning to the house without any candy! Haha!

What should I do with my hair?

Hello! Today I have plenty on my plate. Yesterday night Mandy asked if I wanted to go to the hairdresser, her treat. One can't really say no to that. Considering I've saved my hair for years so that my natural colour would come back I don't feel like I can mess with that yet although highlights seem tempting. I haven't cut it in years either for it to grow longer, but I suppose it's time for a small trim. I'm not too adventurous when it comes to hair so I'll probably just cut the edges a little bit and maybe shape it a little because the way it is now it's just long all over. We'll see!

Other than that I need to run, do yoga, shower, make chicken schnitzels and work on the blog, of course, all before this afternoon. I'll have to run and get things done, I hope you are having the most wonderful Thursday. Soon Friday people!!


While driving we spotted a fair only 3 minutes from where we are staying. I mentioned this to you a while back. We checked it out and it was full of vintage cars, a few fair rides, lots of different stuff to buy and a duck race. I only found one really usable photo of the whole fair and this is it. Toilets in the background and the sweater is unflattering and makes me look preggers. Yeah, first to criticize, I know. Aren't we all? Other than that I adore the car. I would rather have a car like this than a newer car when the time comes. It's so chic. My ideal car is a Minor Morris (I don't know if this car is a Minor Morris or just looks like it) and it would be cream or pale blue. Perfection. The only real reason that would hold me back is the fact that this side of Europe, all together, is so cold in the winter and I'd rather have a car with a proper heating system.

If I ever live in Spain or somewhere warm again, which is likely, I'll definitely look for one.

Water Gun Fight

I thought the most amount of fun I had at the BBQ last weekend was having a water gun fight with the kids. The BBQ itself was fun and all, but this was top notch entertainment, haha! Ken got some funny pictures as usual. So lots of credit to Ken for the pictures, you can find his Facebook page with loots of his pictures here.

As you can see the kids were vicious, but so was I so that's quite alright. It only prepared me mentally for the Ice Bucket Challenge that came in the next day.