Oscar de la Renta and friends

Parties today can be fabulous, however, the parties of the past always amaze me. Back when you could still smoke inside and people didn't post about every aspect of the party to social networks. If your grandparents ever tell you about their party experiences I feel like you always listen and learn something new, usually that your grandparents were cool back in the day. Old Hollywood parties seems to have been just something else. The people who attended were fabulous, who kissed who was always scandalous, yet few media sources knew about it and all in all it just seemed like Gatsby-esque parties.

Therefore I looove seeing pictures from the old times, you always see the most random iconic and influential people photographed together. I always wonder what the atmosphere was like and what they would say to each other and so on.

Oscar de la Renta was in the industry for such a long time. I would have loved to hear his party stories and stories about his encounters with the greatest. Other than himself, of course. I'll have to settle with looking at the pictures, though, which all are amazing so it's not a half bad thing to settle with.

Amazing Central Park Day Part 2

I'm not exactly a nature photographer, but we had a moment in Central Park where I just had the camera in my hand and spotted the cutest birds, squirrels and dogs getting on with their lives while I was having a rest.



The dog spotted the squirrel, haha

The dog spotted the squirrel, haha

I haven't spent a lot of time of the upper east side before so we walked through Central Park and out on the east side. From there we walked down towards midtown and were trying to find Hells Kitchen, but we found another restaurant really close by that was super nice and really cheap. I hope I remember the name of it so I can pass it on because it was amazing.

While walking down the street there was a street sale on books and magazines and the first thing I see is a 1993 issue of Playboy with Stephanie Seymour on it. Stephanie Seymour is one of my absolute favourite models and it was such an exciting find. Ken actually bought it for me immediately. It's in plastic and everything. I took it out of the plastic to read her interview and the magazine seems brand new in mint condition. I don't know if that means something to someone, like, do people collect Playboys like they collect comics? The interview is from the time when Stephanie was dating Axl Rose which is crazy, the pictures in that magazine is my favourite pictures of her ever taken and I had no idea Playboy actually took them.

I also stumbled across Empire Hotel which is really cool because that's the hotel Chuck owns in Gossip Girl. I may have squealed a little when I saw it. I knew it was a real hotel, but I did not expect to stumble across it in midtown. Sooo many time in Gossip Girl the camera zooms in on the Empire Hotel sign on top of the building when Chuck scenes are happening in the hotel.

Another Whole Amazing Day in Central Park Part 1

I've spent loads of days in Central Park at this point, but I haven't even scratched the surface of what's actually there. It's so huge! So much happens there as well and you stumble across the weirdest stuff and people. Do yourself a favour and spend some time there if you are in the city. Last year when I was there I came across a bunch of people rollerskating in a small closed of area. There was a DJ there blasting music all day and anyone could join. You could also watch from the barrier which is what I did and the people on the roller skates were dancing, wearing costumes, racing and so on. New York is really the place where you can live your crazy dream life and fantasies which is what I assume the roller skaters are doing. Anything is possible in that city and especially in Central Park

Today is also my dad's birthday! I just wanted to say happy, happy, happiest birthday to him! He is the most wonderful person <3

Oscar de la Renta

I couldn't believe my ears last night when I heard that Oscar de la Renta had passed away. I was absolutely gutted as you can imagine. No one makes dresses like him! The red carpet and runway will never be the same and the fashion world has lost one of it's most brilliant designers. I've looked at and dreamed of his gowns ever since I first saw them. No one can compare.

Today the blog will be dedicated to him, may he rest in peace <3