It's A Beautiful Morning

It's such a beautiful sunny day here in Ireland. Easter is here and so is all the flowers who have decided to bloom now as the sun is showing it's face. I've been wearing tee's and skirts without being the least cold which is amazing.

Today I woke up just before 9, then had to go to the bathroom which woke Ken and afterwards I snoozed on and off until around 11 while Ken was still up, haha! Poor guy! I woke up and blogged, read, did yoga, went to the store with Ken's Granny and ate breakfast. All in all it's been a good day! Later I'm having Turkey for dinner which I couldn't be more excited about!

Now I'm just reading some more, editing some pictures and enjoying all the sunlight coming in from the windows. Easter has always been one of my favourite holidays, I think I feel that way because it's just about when you're certain that Spring is actually here.

I hope you're all having a day as good as mine so far :)

Nice Day

My grandparents, my dad, Ken and I all had a nice day out wandering around having a good time. We visited Dublin castle, Stephen's Green Park, Stephen's Green Shopping Center, some cafe's and restaurants and the Molly Malone statue. It was a slow nice day with lots of talks, laughter and delicious food, like I feel most days should be like.

Pictures by Ken Seiler


I've had a special love for Belfast ever since I visited with my mum a year or so ago. It was everything I remembered, it was charming, friendly, small, sunny and had great shops.

I think it's really fun to suddenly be in the UK and pay with pounds. Everything is a little bit different and the accent is so funny. There is also street art everywhere! Often with dark messages about peace and war or a deep quote of some sort. It's such a happy, friendly place and the darkness and deepness of it tends to catch me of guard. If you go there you'll know what I mean.

At some point during the day we were all hungry and grumpy and could not find a place to eat whatsoever. Finally I found a decent restaurant and no one was happy! I always feel like I'm either going to cry or burst out laughing in those situations. I get SO grumpy if I haven't eaten, it's cray!

Pictures by Ken Seiler

Anything Guinness

While my dad and grandparents were here we all went to the Guinness museum. It was an awesome place, the museum itself gets 10/10 from me, it was so cool and interactive! I had never been there before, if you visit Dublin or live in Dublin I highly recommend it.

We were all taught to pour the perfect glass of Guinness and got a certificate (going on the CV, haha!). We also learned how to taste it properly and got to participate in an old Guinness ad.

The museum also had a bar on the very top of the building where you could see all over Dublin. Here are some pictures from the day :)

Pictures by Ken Seiler