Green & Black's

I was in a healthfood store the other day and as usual I hang out around the chocolate a lot, haha. I really like the Green & Black's Organic label. I tried out their sugarless chocolate at some point and I quite liked it! Ken and Mandy was not impressed, but I didn't think it was that different from really dark chocolate, I'll definitely have it again! I found a little thingy next to the chocolates in the healthfood store, I thought it was a booklette about the brand next to the chocolate and I asked if I could grab one and they said it was free so I did, not really knowing what it was. When I came home I discovered that it was chocolate recipes!! Yay! I'm telling you about this because if you come across this, don't assume it's a lame booklette, it's super awesome! 

I'm not sure when, at the moment I eat very little sugar, but I will absolutely try some of the recipes. Maybe I'll post some too, even though that would break my habit of only posting healthy recipes. Then again chocolate is healthy for the mind :)


Lavender Obsession

I've always liked Lavender ever since my mum used to put Lavender scents under my pillow because I was a troubled sleeper. Lavender has a soothing and relaxing effect on the mind and body and after I moved I found myself very drawn to Lavender. Ken, being ultimately sweet, bought be a huge Lavender candle. Mandy, being ultimately lovely as well, gave me natural shampoo and conditioner with Lavender extracts as well as homemade Lavender soap. She also has some Lavender in her garden so she picked a few for me and tied it with a purple ribbon. Very sweet all together!!

I am extremely impressed by the all natural Colet shampoo and conditioner that I am using at the moment. I have such fine hair so it can look a little flat and no volumising shampoo in the world helps - until now. This shampoo seems to do the trick, it's amazing! In fear of running out of the shampoo I went to a health food store to get more shampoo and conditioner. They didn't have the Colet brand specifically, but they recommended the Jāsön brand. They had all sorts of natural scents and functions, but I went straight for the Lavender one, of course, and it says that it adds body to fine hair. Perfect!! Is it Lavender itself that actually add volume? I have no idea, but it is working and the scents keeps making me so happy!

Memory Monday

I gave working out and running a full rest over the weekend which was nice for a change. I still walked, but it gave my many blisters a chance to heal. I am excited to start again today, though! A fresh week and fresh runs are awaiting. I've already done yoga, I'm currently waiting for the treadmill. Ken is using it at the moment. Getting a treadmill was the best idea. This treadmill is Mandy's, but wherever I go next I will absolutely invest in a treadmill. It is just so handy and awesome!

Tonight I'm making spaghetti for the first time in forever! Last time I had spaghetti I was trying to be a vegetarian so I made spaghetti sauce with Quorn. I don't really know what's wrong with Quorn, but for whatever reason I resented it so much and was turned off my spaghetti sauce afterwards. Weird! Maybe I was turned off by the memory of being sick at the time I cut out meat, I have no idea. I'm looking forward to spaghetti tonight though. I better run extra to make up for the amazing spaghetti calories.

I watched Footloose the other day. It was really fun. Kevin Bacon to me is Sebastian Shaw from X-Men, I had no idea he would be an amazing dancer and cool teenager in Footloose! Sarah Jessica Parker was sooo cute in the movie too! It was so fun to see her so young!


I just finished the Epilogue of The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho. Ah, what a book it was. It was odd that it wasn't fiction, it was a non novel novel. It felt like a novel, but it wasn't! It was about Paulo Coelho's pilgrimage to Santiago de Compstela. It was very interesting and I felt like I got plenty out of it, I always appreciate his honesty. I enjoy Paulo Coelho books so much that I don't check reviews, as long as I see that it's written by Paulo Coelho I just get it and look forward to the great read I'm about to have. Next I'm reading Like The Flowing River. I haven't started yet because I'm still in the other book in my head.

Saturday has arrived which means I had chocolate for breakfast ans so far carrot cake for lunch. I have the biggest blister under my foot and it's so painful, I'm going to give it a chance to heal so I'm not running for the next two days. It's like a real weekend. Tomorrow Mandy wants to cook so it's literally the day of rest. Today however I am cooking a big pork roast which will be devine.

The painting below I spotted somewhere online and I saved it because I thought it was absolutely beautiful. It's now my cover photo on face and background photo on my mac.

I took a bunch of photos that I liked, but I imported them on my computer yesterday and my entire computer froze. That happened only once before after shooting a maxi dress and it turned out that some of the photos were corrupt and I couldn't use them. It makes me so sad that it might be the case with the latest photos. I don't understand how that can happen, I don't do anything differently with the photos I take. The more annoying part is the fact that the pictures are in my 'Pictures' folder where all my other pictures are stored. Whenever I open the folder my entire computer freezes and doesn't unfreeze and I'll have to delete the pictures somehow so I might have to delete the entire folder which means that I'll loose lots and lots of photos. Lots of them are backed up, but the photos from the past few weeks are not so that's very sad! Does anyone out there have a solution to this?