Oscar de la Renta

I couldn't believe my ears last night when I heard that Oscar de la Renta had passed away. I was absolutely gutted as you can imagine. No one makes dresses like him! The red carpet and runway will never be the same and the fashion world has lost one of it's most brilliant designers. I've looked at and dreamed of his gowns ever since I first saw them. No one can compare.

Today the blog will be dedicated to him, may he rest in peace <3


When we were in New York Obama were in Manhattan as well for the UN meetings. We found out when we stumbled upon the many, many officers that you can see in the first picture. We asked them why there were so many and they told us that the president was in the Waldorf Hotel next door. Ken and I wanted to catch a glimpse of the president himself, of course, but after having waited for a while, we decided to move on. We had no idea when we was coming out we figured it might take hours.

Because of the UN meetings the streets were closed of and there was protests and huge greeting groups of people wanting to greet the representative from their country. It was chaos at times!

Speaking of Chaos, we went to Time Square. I don't remember the reason why, but I know we had one and ended up hanging out there for as long as we possibly could before feeling like we were going nuts with all the stuff going on there. It's always nice to walk by Time Square if I have time, I think!

Memory Monday

Mondays are never as sweet as when traveling and knowing that you have plenty of travel to go. I've taken surprisingly few pictures in New York so far. I'm just enjoying the streets, taking it all in, eating hot dogs and pretzels in Central Park (worst pretzels ever, btw). Ken and I have very few goals of things to do and see when here, we mostly just want to hang out and just enjoy the city.

I already know I'm going to have an amazing week, I hope you have an amazing week as well! Happy Monday everyone! <3

Rainy New York

When walking around New York you tend to stumble across really great places. One of those places is Wall Street. On this rainy, gorgeous and romantic looking day in Manhattan I did just that.

The Charging Bull sculpture in Wall Street was put there by the artist as a gift to New York City. I believe the artist still owns it and it's been there on temporary permit since 1989. I think it's a funny story! I don't actually remember who told me, but I remember finding it fascinating. Considering it's meant to bring financial luck to rub it's testicles and I have walked by it many times I figured it was finally time to get some of that luck as well!

Met a celeb in China Town

Met a celeb in China Town