I'm enjoying a nice day in Wexford at the moment. I got up and did some yoga outside with Mandy, had some tea ate some breakfast and had a good shower. Soon we are going to see some castle. Ken's German uncle and his two kids are here, I don't know if I mentioned that before. They are so funny and great! It seems like they love everything and the kids love video games as much as Ken does so they have something in common and play a lot.

It was so nice to do yoga outside, I could just hear the birds singing. Evie and Gabriel, the dog and the cat did some yoga with us. Or so it seemed as they were rolling around and occasionally checking what we were doing. It was so nice to do yoga with someone as well. I've only ever done it alone apart from one time when I had a group class.

I hope you all had a happy week and a great Easter <3 <3

Memory Monday

Memory Monday time! Ken and I have now arrived in Wexford at Mandy's house after a hellish train journey. Normally the train takes 2 hours, but this time the first half of the journey alone took 2 hours after many delays. We were sitting next to 8 14-15 year olds going camping together. They were extremely loud from the moment we got on the train. They were drinking loads and got louder and louder the more they drank, two hours into the journey they were all wasted and loooouuuudddd. They were playing music from their phones, dancing, singing a lot, screaming at each other all the time and so on. They also took pictures of each other where they all would scream "cheeeese" on the TOP of their lungs. Like, they never were quiet for one second, even when they went out to smoke in stops we could still hear them scream and sing outside.

On the other side of us there were a screaming baby. This went on for two hours!!!! Suddenly in Arklow, right between Bray and Wexford and a billion delays it was time for the teens to finally go camping and apparently the screaming baby was getting of there too. Ken and I looked around in the carriage and realized there were only about five people left including us and as we were leaving Arklow it was dead quiet.

It was so nice and suddenly I realized my jeans were hurting me like crazy, I fixed it and got some chocolate out and finally enjoyed myself like you should on a train. The weather is so beautiful and Ireland looks like it's just soaking up the sun and blooming.

Easter Evening

It's now Easter evening. We've had a lovely dinner and desert with Granny. Now it's thunder and rain outside and I'm drinking water and green tea to try to wash away the extreme fullness I'm feeling because of dinner and two chocolate eggs... That's right.. TWO chocolate eggs, they were so delicious! I had the little one and almost the whole big one. Not quite, besides I shared loads with Ken so there, don't you judge!

However after the chocolate season as I like to call it (forget Easter, it's chocolate season now) I'm quitting sugar!! I only realized it until I wrote it and now I'm like "eeeeek", but actually it's a great idea! I should cut wheat too and anything artificial. I kind of stay away from artificial stuff all the time anyway apart from the occasional diet coke and the occasional trip to McDonald's. Now summer dresses and bikini's are coming closer and closer and it wouldn't hurt to feel sexy while welcoming them so no sugar and wheat it is!


Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! Ken and I are staying at Ken's granny's house and we got two eggs each. One from Granny herself and one from Ken's dad. Too kind!

In Norway it's like a family tradition to buy painted cardboard eggs and fill them with candy and give them to kids. In Ireland they have never heard of that and buy huge chocolate eggs instead. They are delicious!

Granny is cooking some beef for us later which I am so excited about! I've already eaten too much chocolate though, I feel so full! I even had a salmon fillet with mash and broccoli for breakfast, it was like a dinner already, I'm just so full!

I hope you are all enjoying your Easter, I know I will! <3

Oh, by the way, make sure that you enter my competition here. It ends in 4 days.

Here are Ken's eggs! These are so typical Irish. These kind if eggs are in every store, literally! Like, even clothes store sell them!