Brand New House - Brand New Start

Hi everyone!

I have just moved house. Whoa what a stressful experience it has been! It was frustrating and stressful for around 3-4 weeks! Then suddenly it all fell into place within moments.

My whole house hunt went something like this: I wrote to at least 50 properties thinking I would take anything at some point. Some were too expensive, some really bad looking, some very inconveniently located yet I wrote to them anyway because no matter what happened they either didn’t reply, didn’t have a viewing available, it had already gone to someone else or if I finally had a viewing it didn’t suit for anyone to take me to see it which means that the house obviously went to someone else the next day.

As you know, Ken and I have been staying with Ken’s mum for a few months. Ken’s mum wanted to move and told the landlord she would be out by March which meant that we also had to be out by March, obviously. She had gotten a house which she was doing up to then move into by the end of February. Her new house then got broken into, thankfully she didn’t have many things there, but one window was smashed, one window was open, everything inside was trashed. All they stole, however, was a bible. People keep thinking they were looking for money because the pillows were flipped, letters were opened, her craft stuff was all over the floor, all the presses was opened and some broken. It was all very dramatic. She didn’t want to live there anymore so the house hunt continued for both her and us. The estate agent she was dealing with came down to the house to see what happened and I asked him if he had another house for us to look at. He told us about a house pretty close by and told us that next morning at 9 was the only time he had to show us and obviously there was no way I would let that opportunity go.

We were all up bright and early, Mandy, Ken and myself, to see the house. And bam, there is was. A gorgeous house. It is a great size, bright and you oversee the ocean from our kitchen and bedroom window. It’s amazing. The location is slightly unfortunate, there is only a really small store about 10 minutes away and the rest would be a larger walking distance, but we definitely will make it work because this house is worth it! It was only our second viewing after a weeks of trying!! So that’s what I mean; It was such a strive until whoop there it was, an amazing house. We went to sign the lease one day later and got our keys. It went so fast which felt surreal after the amount struggles.

Later that day Ken’s mum found a house as well where she lives now. She got an amazing house as well. She had been living in the middle of nowhere for so long and she got her wish fulfilled to be part of a community again. She is walking distance to a food store, flower shop(!! so jell I would by fresh flowers every day), and several other places. New struggles always arises, but if you were wondering we all got roofs over our heads now.

I will update you further, for sure, very soon. As you may know I haven't had internet since I moved and the internet guy won't come here before 10th of March and that's just a technician to check it out, when we actually get Wifi I have no idea. On top of it all I had no credit on my phone which means no 3G. Yesterday I topped up my phone so right now I'm using my 3G to post this post.

Every morning Ken and I are up when the sun is and watch the sunrise from our bedroom window and one of the mornings I took the picture below with my phone. I will post better pictures when I have Wifi :)


Oooh do I have news for you!

Ken and I have got a new place to live and it's beautiful! I can not wait to show you. We are packing today and moving tomorrow so I won't be blogging much. As soon as the internet kicks in in the new place I will be blogging like usual! Wish me luck :D


Mandy is moving and we stayed at her house the other day. I was up bright and early to walk Holly in the park nearby and I was amazed by it's beauty. It's called Forrest Park and the name couldn't be more suitable. It's so pretty and has so many routes you can take. In the morning I went for a 40 minute walk and in the evening I went for a whole hour and it never got dull. Actually on my second walk I got lost and couldn't find my way out. It was like a huge maze, haha!

Holly enjoyed it so much, when I came back to the house Mandy is moving into Holly just ran to find a soft spot and fell asleep!

Happy weekend! It will probably be a pretty busy weekend for me if we are moving. It's pretty much time to pack. All my things are actually packed already. Living down here in Wexford was temporary so all my things are still all in boxes. The only things that are not in boxes are some of my clothes and some books and my few cosmetics of course like makeup and facewash. It should be really fast to pack up and go.


The Prettiest Scenery

I adore my walks with Holly, it feels like when we walk together my brain chemicals evens out and I become so balanced. I've always liked going for walks, some people seem to find that strange because I don't always do it with someone for the sake of socializing or going somewhere in particular, I don't always listen to music even I just really like going for walks. I must have gone a million walks without a dog and now I'm delighted to share them with one. Especially one as amazing as Holly. I always try to use the walks to reflect upon my day because I always tend to have a really healthy mind frame when I walk so I tend to think about things in a pretty mature, positive way instead of dwelling on something negative someone else said or thinking about things that will have no meaning tomorrow. The pictures in this blogpost where taken in Johnstown Castle here in Wexford.


I really hope you enjoy my pictures from my walks because I always see something gorgeous that I want to share. I do realize I post a lot of them so please let me know if you like them or not in the comments!

I have been enjoying running so much, but yesterday my left leg and hip was so stiff, it was quite sore. Maybe I'm getting old, hah! I haven't been very good at stretching the last few days, though, maybe that's the reason. Today I'm taking a small break from the running and will do lots of yoga instead. It's going to be good!

What's your favourite type of workout or exercise?