I've had a special love for Belfast ever since I visited with my mum a year or so ago. It was everything I remembered, it was charming, friendly, small, sunny and had great shops.

I think it's really fun to suddenly be in the UK and pay with pounds. Everything is a little bit different and the accent is so funny. There is also street art everywhere! Often with dark messages about peace and war or a deep quote of some sort. It's such a happy, friendly place and the darkness and deepness of it tends to catch me of guard. If you go there you'll know what I mean.

At some point during the day we were all hungry and grumpy and could not find a place to eat whatsoever. Finally I found a decent restaurant and no one was happy! I always feel like I'm either going to cry or burst out laughing in those situations. I get SO grumpy if I haven't eaten, it's cray!

Pictures by Ken Seiler

Anything Guinness

While my dad and grandparents were here we all went to the Guinness museum. It was an awesome place, the museum itself gets 10/10 from me, it was so cool and interactive! I had never been there before, if you visit Dublin or live in Dublin I highly recommend it.

We were all taught to pour the perfect glass of Guinness and got a certificate (going on the CV, haha!). We also learned how to taste it properly and got to participate in an old Guinness ad.

The museum also had a bar on the very top of the building where you could see all over Dublin. Here are some pictures from the day :)

Pictures by Ken Seiler


Between still having an awful throat infection, fever, my grandparents visit and trotting around all over Dublin and Belfast with them I've had no time at all for blogging or any computering at all. I really apologize for very sow blogging days, but thank you for cutting me some slack. I haven't felt well whatsoever with so much pain and fever and still been everywhere with my grandparents and dad. It's been hard, but oh my god, so much fun!!

They are leaving tomorrow morning and I wish they could just stay forever. I've had the best time in Belfast, museums, parks, restaurants, cafes, sightseeing and so on. I've actually mostly seen things I haven't seen before like the Viking Museum which we visited today, Dublin castle as well and we discovered a few amazing new restaurants. It's been really nice.

Here are some random unedited phone snaps from the last few days. Better pictures will come soon, I promise :)

Easter Candy

Since I have been ill and not blogged at all, I probably forgot to tell you that my grandma, her husband and my dad came to Dublin today to stay until Tuesday. I am so excited. I met them today around 1 o'clock outside the hotel my grandparents are staying in. My dad is staying with Ken and I. We spent time with them all day and at some point we showed them our apartment where my grandma took a grande nap in our bed because she was too tired and Phil hung out with us. He also came with us later for coffee which was lovely.

My mum packed sooooo much easter candy. She even made easter eggs full of candy for Phil and Joanne as well! I've eater so much candy already!! She even bought cracker bread that I love and lots of soup which I specifically said I didn't want, but then again, it doesn't hurt to have some soup!

She sent me enough candy to last months, but I have no self control when it comes to chocolate and it's likely to be gone in days. Anywho, after being out all day I'm not feeling well at all so I'm soon going to bed. It's really nice to have my family around me. I haven't seen any of my best Norwegian friends or family since January when my dad came to visit for a few days, I miss them a lot sometimes.

Tomorrow we are all going to Belfast for a day which I'm suuuuper excited about, I'll try to take some good pictures for you <3