Memory Monday

It is Monday! This week feels fresh, I'm looking forward to find out what it has to offer. Tomorrow Ken's friend, Eoin, is coming for a few days visit. I'm looking forward to a change of pace.

It's soon my birthday and Ken has ordered a present for me, he refuses to tell me what it is! I'm so excited to find out! At first look it wouldn't really occur to you that Ken has good taste because he wears the same type of t-shirt and jeans all the time, but he actually has great taste and he is really in tune with my taste, he always know what I would really like so I can't WAIT to find out what he is getting for me.

I made an Instagram account for Holly, by the way. If you want to see lots of cute puppy pics you can follow her here <3


I actually have the whitest of white dogs and considering she is a terrier (comes from the word terra which means earth, most terriers are bred to hunt rats, mice and other small animals which means she is bred to dig) she is in the dirt all the time. I don't wash her too often because we think she has a lot of Westie in her and they tend to have very sensitive skin, however, sometimes a bath is most definitely in order!! She gets filthy. A bath is the only thing that she actually doesn't seem to like, but we are getting there. This time when we gave her a bath she was so much happier than the last time.

I am currently continuing my Friends marathon on Netflix. I just had so much takeout. I ordered the most amount of food out of everybody and I definitely ate most out of everyone too. I had so much beef curry, fries and chicken cheese rolls which is the same as spring rolls, but with chicken and cheese only. It's so freakin' delish!

Now Bernie, Ken's kinda aunt is here with her Great Dane who is only about two months older than Holly. They are playing and running around like maniacs. Monty, the Great Dane, is so huge and Holly is so small in comparison it makes it really funny to watch!

Puppy Cuddles

I have never regretted getting Holly over two months ago. Omg. I mean. I didn't know you could love a little creature this much!! She actually makes me laugh every single day! She is the funniest!

On a very different note, I love that Friends is on Netflix! Watching it again and it makes me laugh just as much as last time.

Tomorrow Ken and I are possibly going to view a house. We are looking to move soon. I'm excited to see what comes up. I gotta hop in the shower so I am ready for tomorrow, I'll blog you soon! <3


Mandy and I were driving to go for a walk at a park the other day, but turns out the park was closed that day. Mandy knew of a road up toward a mountain that she had walked with a friend a while back that she was trying to find again for us to walk the dogs there instead. She never found it, however, we stumbled upon a random country road and decided to walk it. Turns out it was the most beautiful place, we could walk up a small mountain where there was a lake and a view and everything! Ken came with Mandy and I and snapped some pictures. It was really nice to have Ken there. He doesn't come with us very often, obviously I love it when he does. He doesn't like it as much, though, unfortunately!

I actually thought the nature reminded me a bit of Norway which I miss a lot so it made me a bit extra happy! Holly accidentally ran after Evie into the water in the lake and had her first swim. She could have picked a nicer time of year, but it was funny none the less. Afterwards she was so freezing poor thing! Every time I get to that lake I feel like hopping in! It seems so fresh! I was walking in the water up to my knees and it was freeeeezing, yet it's always so tempting!