Pink Cutout

This dress is one of those dresses that feel tight when you pull it over your head, but when it reaches the part of your body where it is suppose to be, it sits perfectly. I looooove those dresses! It's so rare to find, but when it happens suddenly life doesn't seem too bad and there is nothing you can't handle.

I'm in love with the bright pink colour, it's perfect for summer time and the dress came into my life at the exact right moment. It was a moment when I found myself obsessing over anything bright, colourful and eye catching and this dress was all of those things.

The dress feels amazing to wear these warm summer evenings. There really is a heatwave going on here! I rarely see Ireland this warm and beautiful <3

Pictures by Ken Seiler

Dress: Elise Ryan

Shoes: Boots (Oldies)

Bag: Stradivarius