A really good few minutes!


I'm currently at Mandy's house with a proper internet connection which is heaven! Where I live in Bray doesn't have wifi at all so we use Kens 3G phone to connect me to his internet. Complicated stuff!

I'm so excited because my shoes are here!! They're a gift from Ken. They are just so pretty! I'll try to take a better picture of them tomorrow, but I had to show them off, they look like candy and they're even more sparkly than they look in the photo.


I'm so excited to wear them with my new dress. They make me so tall! I'm already 5'10 so in these I'm like over 6 feet tall. They're a bit hard to walk in, but for shoes like that I'll get used to anything.

I'm listening to the new Muse album right now and I'm just so in love with it! I can't even mention certain songs I like more than the others, they're just all amazing to me. It's fun hearing Chris sing for a change. I can't wait to get the album on Friday! I'm streaming it online at the moment. I always find it somewhat stressful when all the songs come out at once, it's so much to take in. I'm enjoying every second of it though. 

I recently heard that Lana Del Rey is releasing her Born To Die album again called Paradise Edition. That's very exciting news to me. Soon after she released her first album she became one of my favorite artists. I adore her music and style. Here's the new album cover:


Here she is looking stunning as always. There's gonna be eight new songs on the Paradise Edition, she released her new single 'Ride' yesterday, I love it. The album is out 12th of November. It's gonna be great having some new songs as I've had the same 15 songs from her last album on repeat the last four months. Poor Ken is so tired of it, haha. 

Good times lies ahead of me musically especially when Muse comes on tour. I'm going to see them in Austria because it was the only place in Europe with standing tickets left a few hours after the tickets came on sale. Muse gave us too short notice, they sent out an email announcing the tour and that the pre-sale starts tomorrow and the general ticket sale starts in 3 days or something silly like that. We didn't have money straight away, but we got money the morning of the general sale. We had to go in to town to put them in the bank to pay for the tickets so we were quite late and after having seated tickets on a Coldplay concert a few years back I promised myself never again. It's just not cool to sit on concerts and that's that.  Muse fans are crazy as usual and all of the standing tickets were sold out in five minutes or so everywhere apart from Austria so that's where we ended up buying tickets to. I'm fine with that, I'm actually very excited to go there as I've never been before, it's also really cool because a big part of Kens family is Austrian including his mum so it'll be nice to see Vienna. 

The Killers also released their new album 'Battle Born' recently which is always exciting. I'll probably catch them on their tour as well at some point. I like their new album. They can't seem to get enough of writing love songs which is fine by me.

I think now is a good time to introduce the animals here in Mandy's house. So here we go!

Evie is the dog, She hyperactive or something like that, she literally never gets tired, she always wants to play and be petted. Her intelligence is very impressive and she very well trained. I'm certain she understands what I'm saying to her. If we even mention the word 'walk' in a sentence she'll run to the door.


Here she is on Killiney Beach. They think she's an Australian Border Collie. She's always happy, positive and she loves everyone.

Suki is one of the two cats. He only has three legs because he was ran over by a car years ago. He loves me. He always wants to sit on my lap and he's always excited to see me. He's been Kens best buddy since they were kids.


Here's a picture of us from earlier. He's so adorable and his nose is all pink, it's so cute!

Gabriel is the second cat. I don't know him very well, he keeps mostly to himself. Here he his!


He just showed up one day and decided to live in their house so he chose them more so than they chose him. He's Mandy's cat, he'll only hang out with her. 

And Squirt, the turtle. She used to live at our house until we moved. She's gonna stay with Mandy while we're in Norway. She's getting bigger and bigger by the minute. She was apparently the size of a nickel when Ken got her and now he can barely lift her. She's grown a lot since I came here too and she still got something like two years left to grow which is terrifying. 


Here she is:)

They're all lovely. They all have big outgoing personalities which is always fun. 

These days we're watching The Simpsons. I've never watched before, but it's great fun! It's especially nice to have a show to watch now because it's still raining a lot, there are flood warnings and everything.

Maybe I should properly introduce Mandy as well.


She's great, she's one of those amazing mums, like my own, who knows everything! She's always got a helping hand and a good advice. She's always fun to be with and has great taste in music. She made me  feel so welcome when I moved here and she takes care of me when I need it.

That's it for today, let's hope the weather gets better so I can wear my new shoes! Hope to see you soon and if you want to read Kens blog you can find it here:)