Yesterday it was one of those lovely days when you wake up and can't help but smile because the sun is in your face, especially since it's been so long ago since last time that happened. I tried to make the most of it and ran a few errands, got a few things done and went for a long walk.

We made tacos or wraps or tortillas or what ever it's called later! It's so nice and I don't think of it that often so I don't make it much, but when I do I love it!

We also watched "Rock Star", a movie about a guy who plays in a tribute band and end up being the lead vocalist in the band they're tributing. It was fun, it's worth a watch! Myles Kennedy was in it, he looked hilarious! Mark Wahlberg plays the lead and Jennifer Aniston plays his girlfriend, she looked stunning in it!


Movie time!

Today I woke up hoping it would be sunny like yesterday, but no! It was as grey as it gets! Ken really wanted blueberry muffins and I really wanted to bake so I baked just that. It was fun, I've never done it before. They turned out really tasty, but that was about it.. I put them in a cupcake tray and the whole thing looked like a cake afterwards, when I try to take the muffins out, they kind of collapse. It's only for us though, it's not like I baked them for a party or anything so as long as they taste good, I'm very happy!


Aren't these cute? I found them in Ikea, haha!


It started out looking like this, I just had to sprinkle some sugar, butter and flour mix on top and they were done. The recipe said I had to fill the little cups all the way.


It ended up looking like this. Like a cake. 

As I don't really know what to do differently I probably won't make this for anyone, haha! Only me and Ken and stuff if we crave it. Now I'm baking bread and either later or tomorrow I'm going to make cupcakes. I don't know what got over me, but I don't mind, it's fun! I haven't baked much before so it's exciting to learn new things. I'm excited to try the cupcakes, I've baked it once before with help from my good friend, Ciara, I hope they turn out somewhat similar to what they did then.

I want to learn how to bake healthier options and stuff like that, I've seen there's a recipe for healthy chocolate chip cookies for example, I'd love to try that at some point. The bread I make is really healthy and so good, it's my grandma's recipe, she's made it since I was a kid, it's really cool to me that I can make it too. It looks like this:


It's really good!


Now I'm just waiting for todays bread to be done:)


I found this photo on Instagram, I really wish all fruit came with this, it's adorable!


This is just totally hot looking as always, I got it the other day.

I've come to really enjoy baking and cooking lately, I didn't enjoy it at all when I was younger, I always love finding a new passion, it's so exciting! Now I'm gonna go and eat some more muffins, Take care:)