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Ken's photo


Ken's photo

Bergen is really beautiful these days as you can see in the photos above. The last few days I've been christmas shopping and enjoying Bergen and all the christmas lights. It's been really nice. My dad was just in Edinburgh and gave me an early present, chocolate and a mini champaign, haha!


Above you can see some stuff I got at Ikea. The rose and big heart pillow is from Ken just purely because he's great and I'm a spoiled girlfriend. I've gone there a few times now to get my mum sorted in her new apartment.

A good while ago I sprained my ankle and in the x-ray they took they found that something had been wrong with my ankle for a really long time and told me to get an MRI scan as soon as possible. Now, one year later I've finally gone in for the MRI and a new x-ray. It's so nice to have it done, though I'm nervous about what they want to do to fix it. I hope I don't need an operation. The MRI machine was terrifying! It sounded like the apocalypse and I was sure I was going to die any minute, but thankfully I survived. Sometimes if I'm nervous I laugh so when they were putting me into the machine I was like "hahaha oh my god hahaha oh my god", the doctor must have thought I was some sort of freak, haha! I have already had an operation in my other leg almost three years ago after an accident when I fell with a horse and it landed on top of me. So, I have now metal nails in my knee and ankle after that operation. It's still sore at times so I'm praying I don't need another operation. I'm thankfully soon going to take those nails out, I hope that will make things better. 

I took Ken to my favorite pizza place, Dolly Dimples, the other day. It was really nice as always, a little busy, but the nice food makes up for it. For the non norwegian people, it's like Domino's just ten million times better. 


At Dolly Dimples


Handsome <3

I'm sorry about the bad quality of some photos. I think it's so quick and easy to use the front camera of my iPhone, but it makes for low quality photos, I'll try to be better at bringing my proper camera. 

Earlier this evening I was out for dinner, or "julebord", with my girlfriends, it was so much fun as always. It was like a mini christmas for Rakel as well because she is going to Egypt for a week. She ate traditional christmas foods and got a few gifts. It's just never boring to be with those girls, but I don't see them as often as I would like. It was really nice. Helene just got engaged as well so I was really, really excited to hear all the details! Congratulations to her and Andrรฉ.




Madeleine again:) 


Ann Charlotte and I


Ann Charlotte, Sigrid and Helene


Ann Charlotte and I again


Rakel P. and Rakel J. 


Our phones looked the same, such a funny coincidence! 

Madeleine is a blogger as well, you can find her here:)

My pearl sunglasses came in the post today, so exciting. I'm all ready for summer and sunny weather now. They're too cool!


Let's not nervous about the doomsday, let's just be excited and sexy (Stephen Hampton quote).