I've been feeling completely under the weather lately. It's probably been just a week or so, but it feels like forever! It started out as a fever and constantly freezing and sweating, now it's a horrible headache constantly and loud noises in my head. Yesterday was the worst, I had to only lie inside the room in complete darkness and have it as quiet as possible. The fan in the bathroom sounded like a jet and the light on the phone looked like the sun, haha! Even when someone talked to me the buzzing in my head would just be louder with their voice. I threw up yesterday and everything, not cool!

I went to the doctor today and he says it's some sort of infection, but they can't locate it so if I feel any worse I need to come in straight away, if I don't I still need to go in Thursday morning for a check up.

Such a bad timing as well! We're all packing to move, we're going to move to my mum's old apartment. Ken and I are going to move with my dad for now as it seems to be tough finding an apartment. It's a bit weird, it looks like there is plenty of apartments on the market that look nice and are within the price range, I've written to at least 20 apartments, but they just don't get back to me so I don't really know what to do. Only one got back to me saying it was taken. I think they just go really, really fast and I have to just be quicker at calling or writing for the new ones! I'm not going to lie, I'm not excited to move again, we've done it way too much the last few months.

On a more positive note, my phone company keeps sending me 300 kroner gift cards and candy for no reason. I don't really need anything phone related so my dad has gotten an iPhone case and today Ken got the new apple headphones, EarPods, and a game-gun thing that you put your iPhone on to and use the gun to shoot things on the screen. It's really cool and fun, he seems happy!

As this isn't a very exciting blog I decided to make a collage of lovely photos I found on Pinterest. Enjoy:)


That's about it really!

Take care:) xoxo