Best birthday weekend

I've had the most amazing weekend ever! When there are good times and a camera everything has to be captured and documented so there is going to be a lot of photos in this blog. Saturday was my 21st birthday. I started out the day with going to the shop getting some nice breakfast, I'm hooked on nice bread with cream cheese and smoked salmon so that's what I got. I also had to do a little bit of mother's day shopping as that's the day after my birthday this year. I got such great gifts, some great books. From Ken I got I book I wanted called "What would Audrey do?" about Audrey Hepburn and one about Coco Chanel, her biography. I love them! From my dad I got a cook book and his girlfriend gave me another cook book. My dad made me a cake that I enjoyed with my mum who visited me later on. I got some amazing roses from Ken and a orchid from my mum, so lovely. I love flowers!
Breakfast <3
My new books :D
The cake my dad made:) Ken's lovely photo
And then I'm 21! On the minute I was born, haha!

Later on Ken was taking me out, saying it was a date. He took me to a nice pizza place called Peppes Pizza and there were all my best friends! He planned a surprised party!! Isn't that just the nicest? All my closest friends were there, which was amazing! I always have an amazing time with them and yesterday was no exception, I had the best night! Later on we went out to a bar, or whatever it was, drinking some more.
Getting ready for what I thought was a date!
I love this guy:)
Gift from beautiful Ann Charlotte
A birthday ice-cream! I unfortunately couldn't eat much of it, I was sooo full!
The boys!
Karoline and Marit, haha:)
Karoline, Marit, me and Ann Charlotte
Julie and her beau
Yesterday I woke up not hungover at all, I'm such a good drinker. I usually always stop drinking before I get really drunk, I always surprise and impress myself, haha! The weather was so beautiful and the lake we can see from our window was frozen solid. Loads of people were ice skating and walking on it, so Ken and I decided to go down and walk around on it as well. It pretty much turned into a photo shoot. Ken took loads of photos of me! We had a really funny moment on the ice where Ken was recording a small video for his sister and his mum. He was chatting away about the weather and where we were living when the ice suddenly gave the loudest crack ever. We both got so scared thinking that was it really, we're going to die on the bottom of a frozen lake! Haha, we got of the ice safe. No one else on ice reacted and we heard it crack with some other people too. My dad later told us that it wouldn't actually crack open anyway which kind of makes sense, the video is so funny, though, because our faces are just so in shock and terrified.

Haha, iPhone shadow in my face!

Later Jenny, Julie and I had a lovely walk around the same water. Ken had this really cool idea to take a photo of us by the lake from the terrace at our house, it turned out really cool!

Here we are, haha!
On the way down to meet the girls I saw the cutest cat! I had to take a photo of it and it came straight over to me to give me a cuddle, it was gorgeous.


As it was mother's day yesterday Ken and I went out with my mum. We were going to eat dinner with her. She suggested Red Sun, my favorite sushi restaurant, which I obviously couldn't resist. We ate so much sushi, I still feel full! It was so good though! I had a really great time.

Gotta love the front camera of the iPhone, haha! Getting ready for dinner.

I gave my mum tulips, that's her favorite. And a little puzzle that kind of tests your IQ, a hand towel that says world's best mum and a card.

Unfortunately the hotdog stand outside the window is in focus in this photo and we're all blurry!
In my goofy uggs, haha!

Ken recently found a new way to photograph the night sky. Yesterday he taught me how to do it too, so much fun! I've always loved astronomy so it was cool to photograph the sky and suddenly see a million more stars than you could see with your eyes.

The big one to the right there is Jupiter, in the middle you see the constellation Orion and towards the bottom left you see the big star Sirius. 
The big one almost in the middle is Jupiter again.
I've had the best weekend. I've loved pretty much every moment, but now I want to read my new book "What would Audrey do".

Stay warm:)

Lots of love xoxo