I love Bergen


Happy 1st, or now actually 2nd, of February! It's officially my favorite month of the year, I'm excited! I feel a lot better which obviously makes me even more excited. My headaches are so much better and I feel almost well again. I got well really quickly when I first started feeling better. I went to the doctors again yesterday and I'm going to take an MRI scan of my head since I've had so many headaches recently, I didn't use to have them much before. Sounds really scary, but it's just a "just in case" check. It's not likely to be anything there that shouldn't be there.

Ken was so kind to come with me to the doctor early in the morning and when I was done there we felt a little spontaneous and went to the aquarium in Bergen. That did the world of good, I'd say, I was so desperate to get out of the house after having been in bed for over a week. The aquarium was fun as always, I've been there a million times, but I always enjoy it. We were there just in time to see the seal show and the penguins get fed. They told us information about the penguins and the way they find a mate is that the male penguin sees a female he likes and picks a rock and gives it to her. Then he bows and if she bows back they become mates for life. During their time together they keep giving each other rocks and together with those rocks they build a nest. I just thought that was so cute, haha! We also went to my favorite music store in Bergen where Ken found his favorite guitar strings so now I have a whole new set of strings on my guitar.

The weather was really nice as well, it was sunny. I love walking to the aquarium because there are so many old beautiful houses and I love the really narrow streets that go in between them, you can always find different things there like really beautiful flowers or street art or just random stuff. All the streets are cobblestone which makes it really nice. They haven't made new roads since the olden days so they've kept the horse tracks on the roads as well. I love it.

Today we've just packed a lot. Official moving day is tomorrow so everything has to be ready. The whole house is pretty much just in boxes now. Ken is going to get a desk in our new room so he's really excited to have a workspace and to have all his stuff there so it's easier to find stuff. He always has a million cables and hard-drives and I don't know what lying around.



Had to borrow this photo from Ken. Love this shot, Bergen is pretty!


How I've been feeling lately!


In the shark tunnel


A real shark! :(


Lots of love!