Memory Monday

Happy Monday and new week! Ken and I have now spent our first night in our new apartment! As usual I have trouble sleeping the first night and woke up super early, but other than that everything s great! I'm so excited to be living in the city! Ken and I went to the store and got so much groceries our fingers nearly fell off carrying everything in bags. It's good, though, I got some fruit and vegetables, if I don't have that I pretty much freak out! Right now Ken is hanging out with his friend, Onion while I'm chilling in bed writing you guys. I'm so tired!

Whenever we are in Dublin I feel like we meet and suddenly hang out with everyone! We've been here for less than 24 hours, but we've seen so many friends already! 

I feel good about living here, it was weird because we hadn't seen the place before yesterday when we moved in. I had never met Joanne, Phil's girlfriend before either and I didn't know where it was exactly so it was a bit risky, but I know Phil, he wouldn't offer it to us if it was bad. Still, I was somewhat nervous about everything, but so far so good! I love it here. I have almost an anxiety that something is going to go wrong, though, I'm almost afraid to be excited! It feels to good to be true still, how it happened was so perfect and I love Dublin city.

Anyway, lets forget worries, leave it right here and now and enjoy a brand new week!! I'm so excited to get to know the area better and everything, I'm so excited about this week!