Moving day

Yesterday I had a blast drinking and snacking while chatting for hours with Mandy, Ken and Bernie! It was so fun! One of the things I love most about Bernie is how good of a story teller she is! Mandy had made an amazing stew which I love so much! 

Today when I woke up I realized that I was a really, really special day because I saw on Facebook that Magnus finally came into our world. Helene gave birth this morning and I'm so excited! Happy birthday Magnus!

Today I also moved house from Mandy's house that we stayed in in Wexford to our new apartment in Dublin where we will live with Phil and Joanne.

So today we got a ride with Bernie to Bray and in Bray we were picked up by Eamonn, Ken's dad to drive us to Dublin. In Bray we also met up with Luke, Ken's bestie, who came up to Dublin with us to see his girlfriend Fiona. So Luke, Fiona, Joanne, Phil Ken and I hung out for a while and went out for a beer which was so nice, but in the bar I became so tired, I was curtain it was about 1-2 am, but apparently it was only 9.30!! My lack of sleep caught up on me apparently!

It was super nice to see Fiona again as always! I can't wait to go shopping with her in town!