Happy Wednesday

Today Ken and I were up bright and early to run some errands, then go to Bray and pick up a TV, meet Eamonn and visit Ken's granny! She's in hospital unfortunately because she broke her arm. When we came home I figured we had been out all day so it was time for dinner until I realized it was only midday! Normally when we'd been out that long it would be around 5 o'clock, haha!

So when we came home we made something to eat and while Ken were playing xbox I was nearly falling asleep all the time so I figured fine, I'll go into bed and take a nap, but as soon as my head hits the pillow I was wide awake! I ended up playing candy crush instead!

Currently I'm sitting in the living room, writing you with one eye and watching the Apple conference with Ken with the other eye. Well, now Ken just left with Phil to record some tracks. so now I'm sitting here alone, pretty full from the delish salmon dinner, but wondering what there is to snack on! I'll probably have my new favourite snack which is sesame snaps! They are little sesame seed bars, it's so good!!