Busy People

On Friday night Ken was working in a club as a photographer, it was really cool. I stayed at home, however, but I stayed up late waiting for Ken who brought his friend, Eoin, home. They came home around half past 3 and we were in bed about half past 4 which gave us two hours of sleep because at 6.30 Ken, myself, Eoin and Phil were going to go to a place called Deansgrange. That's where Ken and I stored everything we had in our old apartment in Dublin before moving to Norway. So we took everything out of our unit and into a van we rented and got it aaaall into our new apartment. It was a good 5-6 hours of moving things and boxes. We have so much stuff it's crazy!

So a BIG THANK YOU to Phil and Eoin who helped us with only some pizza as payment!! I don't know what we would've done without you!!

That felt like the longest day because I had no sleep and we started so early and were still tidying and stuff late. Today we really got to sleep, thankfully! I had a good and long night sleep. We've been shopping lots of nice groceries today and later we are going to a dinner to meet everyone I'm going to work with at Harmania, I'm so excited! I start on Monday!

So now I caught you up like I promised on Instagram!

I also have something really exciting coming up on the blog very soon that you can look forward to!