The Vampire Diaries


I've never been as obsessed with vampires as the rest of the world. I haven't seen all the Twilight movies yet and I haven't seen anything else vampire related, I don't quite get the hype. Another blogger was watching this, however, and it made me curious, besides I needed something to watch! I really love that there are loads of seasons I haven't seen yet and that it's on Netflix! I hate watching things week by week, I'm too impatient!

Anyway, it's really addictive and fun! I'm enjoying it a lot and I like the cast! I've seen a lot of it now so it's pretty much time to slow down a bit, I don't want to catch up in case I have to wait when cliffhangers happen! I don't like them, haha!

Anyway, I'm enjoying a calm evening in with my beau. We had some pizza earlier and I've had waaaay too many calories! You only live once, though, right? ;)  

Have a lovely evening!