Grafton Street Windows

I've tried to do this blog three times and it just failed every time and deleted everything this morning. So in the end we had to go and I just had to leave it. Now as we're home I just had to do this blog first thing!  I apologize for a very late blog!

Anyway, there is a store on Grafton Street called Brown Thomas. It's like a store with cool stores in it. It has Tiffany's (where I got my necklace for my 20th birthday from Ken), Chanel, Louis Vuitton and so on. They decorated their windows so nicely as a Christmas thing and they are so cool!! The pictures don't do the windows justice at all, if you are in the area, I definitely recommend to check it out!


Yesterday we also met up with Megan and Oisin for dinner and drinks! I love them, they are so fun! We are doing it again soon which I'm already excited about! We went to a place called Captain America and they have the BEST pizza!! I don't know why they aren't known for their pizza, it's really amazing!

I tried to arrest this officer, haha! 

I tried to arrest this officer, haha!