Hey you!

The last two days have been really warm here in Dublin. I've been out in just a tee, feels weird in December! Today it's unfortunately much colder again!

Ken and I are staying in Bray for the next 5 days because Ken's granny is out of hospital after she broke her arm. Normally her son, Ken's dad, Eamonn, lives with her, but he is visiting his girlfriend in Vienna so we will stay there and help granny out!

I'm actually excited, I know it's random, but when I realized yesterday I was about to spend some time in Bray I got excited! I think I just really enjoy a change of pace every now and again even though I'm really happy where I am! I bet I will be excited to go home again as well!

Right now I'm sitting at work and one of the kids who are coming in waiting for her lesson are practicing for a test in school with her mother. They go through all the counties in Ireland and she has to remember which is the biggest and smallest and all those things. They have no idea, but I'm learning loads!! :)

I just took some pictures quickly with my mac, haha! I never do that!

Photo bombed by the boss

Photo bombed by the boss

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