"It's innocence lost"

"Fuck yeah, give it to me, this is heaven, what I truly want. It's innocence lost" When Lana sang these words in 'Gods and Monsters' she must have been talking about fast food, haha! Not really, but I've been really bad on the diet! I have been all over the place all the time and eaten what's closest to me which has often been fast food. I've also eaten so much chocolate!! Yay and nay at the same time!

I had literally been on a diet since January and I have been loosing over 20 kilos/44 pounds. I've been keeping track of everything I've eaten through an amazing app called MyFitnessPal. You can read about it here. So in the beginning of December I was thinking "wow, I've been on a diet for a LONG time I'm gonna cut myself some slack and continue next year".

Now, all I fancy is a balanced low calorie diet!! Haha! I miss it already, but it's been nice taking a break and not being mad at myself for so easily going over my calorie limit. I made the calorie limit a lot higher, but not high enough so I'll gain weight, of course. Anyway, McDonald's is one of my favourite guilty pleasures so we ate there a few days ago. So good!

I'm going to eat more healthy when I can even though I have more calories to 'spend', but I can not wait for next year and working out! It's going to be great! Thankfully I love healthy food and the feeling of being fit and healthy so that makes it easier for me to keep it up!