Football Wife And Her Infamous Post Baby Picture

The biggest blog in Norway is Fotballfrue means football wife. She married a footballer in Norway a while back and about a week ago she gave birth to their baby. Find her blog here.

As she is the biggest blogger in Norway I am her faithful reader. I can gather so much inspiration and  ideas looking at other blogs similar to mine that I admire.

A few days ago she posted the picture you can see underneath writing in the caption: "4 days after birth". People have been raging of this picture ever since! People say that it`s unnatural, women are suppose to look different, they should be filled with stretchmarks and have a huge stomach, it's probably Photoshop and that she shouldn't send out an unrealistic idea of body image.

I think there is so much wrong with that! If anything it is inspiring! As one of her readers I can tell you that she is big into fitness and health. She's been on a low carb diet for as long as I can remember and she often post her workout plan for the week which usually contains 10 k runs several times a week and strength training of different body parts almost everyday. She usually has one or maybe two days of rest per week.

If you are willing to run, do strength training and be on a strict low carb diet for years, you can look like that 4 days after birth too! It's not unrealistic! She has basically earned her body, she's been working so hard for it. Her beauty and her body is one of the things she's known for as well.  While you people disagreeing with me might work hard and be known for something else which is also OK!

We should not be hostile towards her. She is smart, beautiful and has a good heart. She has created a life for herself doing something that she loves, let's look up to that and remember we all can do it and also know that she doesn't have an easier life than the rest of us. She has great power and with that, we all know, great responsibility will follow!

Please let me know in the comments below what your opinion is :)