Happy Busy Christmas-y Times

The last two days have been filled with busyness, stress and some niceness too. My mum has been here from Friday at noon and she brought lots of Norwegian chocolate, yay!

Today we are going Christmas shopping which I'm excited for!

Yesterday Ken, my mum and I visited Ken's granny and his dad for some dinner and we opened some presents too! We couldn't wait even though Ken's dad was strictly against it since it wasn't Christmas eve! In the end we got him to open his too, haha!

I knew what I was getting, when we visited the Audrey Hepburn exhibit, I found such a beautiful umbrella in the gift shop. I was going to leave it, but instead they bought it for me as a Christmas present. Soooo excited. I've been excited for it even since and every time it was raining I was saying "can't WAIT for Christmas", haha! I will show the pictures of it on the blog soon!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway! It's so nice to see that so many of you entered! It ends in 11 days! When I saw that I was like "whoaaa, that was a fast 19 days!". It was 30 days long and I feel like I just posted it! I've been crazy busy every single day, though! It's been a wild season so far!

Anyway, enter!

This beautiful drawing Ken and I saw on the artist, Des Taylor's, facebook page and thought it was so nice and Ken pointed out that it looks scarily a lot like me, which is very flattering! I love this drawing!

By Des Taylor

By Des Taylor