Merry Christmas

Merry happiest Christmas!! Haha! Today is the day all the stress and anticipation stops and you can enjoy a quiet Christmas time and hopefully lots of Chocolate!

Normally I loathe being late with things, like, everything! This year I have been so busy and had so many people to buy presents for that I felt like everything was last minutes. I'm going to be honest with you.. I only sent out my Christmas cards TODAY! On Christmas eve!! Ahh, I like being on time rather than late.. Anyway, they are sent that all that matters!

For Christmas Ken and I went out today and got a new camera! I love it! Expect higher quality pictures, hopefully. Can't wait!

Ken and I are still in Dublin, but we are going to Wexford to be with my mum and Ken's mum around noon. I am excited and will certainly tell you all about it and take lots of pictures!

I wish you a very happy Christmas! Lots of love from me x