Open Sky

I was just watched the latest "The Face" episode that aired last Monday and they had a competition to make a commercial for a website called Open Sky. The way they described Open Sky was a website where you can find categories that you like, for example: I chose cooking, apparel, healthy living and beauty. You specify the things you like within each category and you get a bunch of people to follow like professional chefs, fitness experts, fashionistas and models (All known or famous). They recommend their favorite things and you can find products through that website. It looks really interesting. I've never heard of it before, but when they talked about it on the show I just thought I had to check it out. It reminds me a little bit about pinterest, but more product oriented.

I'm still a newbie at figuring these things out, but I thought it was really cool. I figured since I hadn't heard of it before there might be more people in Europe or Norway that hadn't heard of it, so I had to tell you all! Besides I currently have 0 friends and need some.

I only scrolled down the first page and was shouting "Look Ken, that's a cool product, omg, that's cool too! I need that! Check that out!", haha. They gave me 10 dollars credit and free shipping. I assume the free shipping only goes for the US. Since it's a US page be careful with what you order, especially if you live in Norway. You're likely to have to pay a big tax fee when it arrives here as well as the shipping you've already paid if it costs more than 200 kr.

You can find Open Sky here :)