Dinner party

Yesterday I had a lovely time having dinner at my mums. When I first moved to Bergen, when I was 5, until I was 13 I used to live in an apartment underneath a bigger house where our landlord lived. The landlord's family became close friends and have remained that way since we moved. I haven't seen them in a while so it was really nice to have dinner with them yesterday. It was actually first time they met Ken as well. They loved him of course, who wouldn't!

It was all lovely and the food was amazing! We all had loads of old stories to share, it was so funny. I had a blast. Ken was a total sweetheart and helped my mum out all day to get the house ready for dinner.

IMG_1450 2.jpg

I really love the sweater-dress thing. It's so casual and lovely looking at the same time. I think it's perfect. I hope I can find more similar stuff.