Happy Easter

Yesterday I had a great time at my mums dinner party. She invited some of her friends from work. Usually the people she works with are from different countries and stuff so yesterday there were one guy from Ethiopia, one guy from Peru and one guy from Argentina, Ken and I and my mum. I love that. I always want to hear everybody's life story and wonder what it's like where they are from and stuff. We had a great time and at some point during the night one of the guys confessed it was his 30th birthday! It came completely out of the blue! I wish I knew sooner, haha!

Today I've been in the stable all day with Zander, Julie's horse. I had a blast as usual. Zander and Ken are getting closer and closer, they're like proper mates now, haha!

I went to the stable with darling Karoline, it was great to see her again. After the stable we took a bus home. We had to walk a while to get to the bus and then change from bus to train at some point. We were so hungry so we decided to just get a burger at the petrol station and the burger was sooo good!! All the High Def photos are taken by Ken, he's nice and let me borrow them for the blog:)

Right now I'm at home with my Easter candy that I got from my mum. I also got a cool Motorhead t-shirt and my favorite comic, Nemi, thanks mum:)

I'm going to ride Zander tomorrow too, I'm excited!

Happy Easter! :)