I've been really good this month when it comes to doing yoga and exercise. According to endomondo.com it's been my best month so far since I started using it in June last year. If you read my last post about this you'll know that I track my workouts and in the end of every month I post what I've done to keep motivated.

Skjermbilde 2013-04-01 kl. 14.59.08.png

As you can see I was better this month than last month. It feels great. I started doing 30 minutes of yoga every single morning. The round, sitting person symbolizes yoga on the calendar, the more normal person shows walking and horse riding is the person on the horse, that one is easy.

Skjermbilde 2013-04-01 kl. 15.17.56.png

I think everyone should sign up to Endomondo. It's so fun, it tracks everything for you. For me that really helps, I love being able to see it and be proud when I do well. If you join make sure to send me a friend request. I would love to get a whole lot more friends, that would be awesome.

On the right there you can see my overall summary for as long as I've had Endomondo. If you click on a specific sport like walking, you can also see how much CO2 you've saved by not using a car.

If you want to join you sign up with the website. I connected it with Facebook, it makes it really easy and I like that I can find friends through it. Then you get the phone app. It's free, you can find it here. The app will track your workouts and send them straight to the website. Then you add me!

Today I'm having a pretty lazy day. I'm just staying inside with my Easter candy. It feels great! I can't wait for normal days to come so I can get mail again. I'm waiting for a gorgeous coat I ordered before Easter. I can't wait to have it! I'll show it off when it gets here:)


 Enjoying some quality time with my beau:)

Enjoying some quality time with my beau:)