Dial EM for Fashion


Hey! Yesterday Ken and I were discussing nice names for websites and people and Ken came out of the blue saying I should make a fashion blog called "Dial EM for Fashion", Genius! I have a passion for fashion, but haven't quite had the courage to write about it, but with a name like that I really didn't have the courage not to write about it! It's from the old Hitchcock movie "Dial M for Murder". Ken made me that lovely header too, I'm so happy!

I got my new coat yesterday so it was the perfect time to actually make the new fashion section of my blog. Ken (my faithful photographer) took some great pictures too. He helps me out with everything I need for the website. He's the best. You can check out his gaming related website here.

We had a great time out. It was so sunny and beautiful and as far as I know the warmest day so far this year with 10 degrees. Ken had to get some tax card business sorted and then some bank stuff.

My good friend Johanne has a blog too, you should absolute check it out, you find it here.