I've been checking out Lana Del Rey's set list from the fist concert of her tour. It's so good! I'm just so excited to see her in Dublin next month. I'm excited to see Dublin again too actually, I kind of miss it a little bit if I haven't been there in a while. There are just too many good memories in that city and I'm so ready for more!


I watched the first two seasons of Pretty Little Liars because I was hoping to find out who "A" was. When we didn't find out by the end of season two I Googled it. I didn't think the show was half as good as Gossip Girl where it was worth waiting to find out. I figured since it's based on a book series someone would know and I was right. The answer is kind of annoyingly obvious and you didn't find out before the 8th book. I had already guessed it so now I kind of lost interest in the show. I have been watching some episodes of season 3. I actually think the show is much better now than in the beginning, though.

Have an amazing weekend!!