30 Days Challenge - 21. Your Worst Vice

I think my worst vice is dwelling over something that has happened and thinking way too much about stuff that should be irrelevant. I also always assume the worst and assume that people don't like me which makes me shy, nervous and anxious. I have a really, really self destructive way of thinking. I'm really working on changing that and changing my attitude for the better, but sometimes it still sneaks in and tells me I'm not good enough. Ken is great at supporting me, I talk to him and he tells me that I'm ridiculous or whatever I may need to snap out of it.

Now, I'm just trying to think that everything will be alright and I try to think people will like me instead of thinking otherwise. They really have no reason not to like me. Worrying too, that's a bad vice! I can literally have a stomach ache for a week just because I'm going to meet someone new, especially if I feel like I have to get a long with that person or have to make friends, I totally freeze. I think way too much of it and before I've even walked into the room I've ruined it for myself by thinking I'll be a disaster.

I'm just really working on being more calm and relaxed and take things as I go thinking everything will be fine and stop being so neurotic. That's one of the reasons I blog in general because people who don't know me that well can get to know me and I'm pushing my boundaries by sharing so much about myself.