New York

I'm really excited as we are planing a trip to New York in September!  I was there in 2010 and had the best time so I'm so looking forward to it! I've heard it's beautiful there at that time of the year. I'm just so excited to hang out in Central Park again! It's going to be great being there with Ken too. He hasn't been yet! When I was there last time my leg was really bad, I had an operation in my leg after an accident a month or two earlier, but I couldn't walk properly and I would limp the entire way. My leg would be so sore and it would be really swollen by the end of the day. I'm so excited to go back and see the things I didn't manage last time.

My phone got stolen the last day I was there too and it was my only camera so I had no pictures of my own from the trip. The way it was stolen was actually so creepy. I remember being in the shower really early in the morning while Jenny and my dad was sleeping in the hotel room and I heard someone go into our room and go back out. I just thought it was my dad or Jenny who was up early and I just I hadn't heard them leave first and didn't think more of it, but when I came out they were both sound asleep and my phone was gone. They hadn't noticed anything! How creepy is that?!

When we were there we found out one day too late that Paris Hilton had been in Central Park the same day as we had, but we didn't know at the time. Both Jenny and I are Paris Hilton fans so we were both upset about it, haha! Celebrity sightings are so fun, though. I've seen and met so many, but I still get a kick out of it.

We took a bus tour around Manhattan and of all the amazing things we saw what I remember best was that the tour guide knew all the celebrity's birthdays! He kept saying it and said congrats to this and that person and in one week someone else had their birthday and was saying happy birthday to them too.

That's just some memories I have from there, I'm excited to make some new ones! I'm so excited and hyper I don't even know what to do, haha!