Dolce Vita

I'm so ready right now to just go to Ireland! I'm all finished with the packing, my mum is picking Ken and I up right now to go to the airport. Excited!!


I tried something I haven't done before this time. I used a shoe box to have my toiletries in like tweezers, skin care products, make-up remover, perfumes and that sort of stuff. I wasn't sure if it would just take more space, but it worked really great and it's all together.


I always have my usual make-up bag, the purple one. And in the darker, smaller one I keep my jewelry, hair bobbins and that sort of stuff.


I didn't love the colour of my suitcase when I got it simply because everyone has red suitcases, but I bought it because it is the lightest suitcase in the world. It weighs something like 3 kg on it's own which means I can fit so much stuff in there without it going over weight. That makes me a happy girl of course. I always wear really comfortable clothes when traveling, never anything too fancy.