30 Days Challenge - 15. My Room

I assume they mean my bedroom. Right now, though, my bedroom is a a big mess full of clothes everywhere and it's just a resting place for the night and my wardrobe, really. So I don't really fancy showing it of. I'm not motivated to tidy either, it would take years!

I have pictures of the room I had when I was 18 right before I moved to Spain. When I was in Spain my dad moved all my stuff to a new apartment so I never saw it again, but it was great as long as it lasted. I had a phase where I would lock myself in my room playing music or listening to music (often while smoking a lot) for hours if not days. I discovered old music and new music and borrowed all the cassettes and vinyls I could to get in the mood of when the old albums came out and figured out what that was like to listen to at the time. I also practiced guitar a lot (which never went well) and which ever instrument I could get my hands on. Piano was my main instrument, though, and sometimes I could just not stop playing.


That was probably the coolest room I ever had. I loved spending time there!