Biffy Clyro rocks!!

Yesterday was awesome from morning to night. Well, it was sad that my grandma and Inge went home in the morning, but it was so nice to have them here! 

On our way to Bergen Fest Ken and I got a free coke each which made the day just that much better, haha! So yeah, when we arrived at Bergen Fest Jamie Cullum was playing. He seems like a funny little guy, he was really good! At some point Ken and I decided to find my friends, when we did I was surprised to see my mum hanging out with them, haha! She was working on the concert and came out to say hello to everybody so I was happy I got to see her, too! My friends are just the best. It's impossible not to have a good time with them! Most of the gang was there and it's just the best when we're together, I'm always happy the entire time!

We saw first Jamie Cullum then Rival Sons, Imagine Dragons and at last Biffy Clyro, who were the reason I got the tickets for the festival. We went to a signing with Rival Sons as well, they were really nice!

The last proper festival I went to was Glastonbury in 2010 I think which is waaaaay too long ago, I absolutely love festivals. Even though we didn't sleep over at this festival or anything I still got that festival feeling. I love going to an amazing festival, you just walk around for days with a concert high. Unless you've experienced it, I don't think you'd know what I'm talking about. It's worth experiencing for sure!

Biffy Clyro was amazing, as always. They really know how to rock out and I'd recommend seeing them. Catch them on their tour if you can!!  You can see where they are going on tour here.

Afterwards Jenny, Ken and myself went to a hotel bar in one of the nicer hotels in Bergen. In there we found some extremely chatty men, all wearing Ralph Lauren, who bought us loads of drinks, yay! All in all it was a really good night:)