The last few days

I have had a good few days in Wexford and on the road back to Bergen. I've been relaxing quite a bit and eating a LOT! It's been great! Now I'm trying to detox a little with water and lemon juice. Yesterday we were traveling all day which is why I didn't get to post a blog post, I'm very sorry! We left Wexford around 1 pm and landed in Bergen at midnight. We landed in Manchester on the way flying from Dublin to Bergen. The Manchester airport was the most confusing one I have ever been in the whole place is so weird. They have a lot of nice stores and stuff, but the whole place is like a labyrinth.

The day before that we had a BBQ pretty much the whole day. Different people came over to say hi. Someone brought a archery set and it was so fun to shoot some arrows. I had never tried it before, but it was just so fun. I hope I get to do it again sometime!

The day before that we just relaxed and had a look around town. They have their own chocolate store down there that I love and Ken got me some chocolate. He knows me so well, it made me really happy. We also had lunch at a typical bar. I had a nice baked potato and smoked salmon, so lovely! 

Other than that we just relaxed and played with the many pets.

The sky was so beautiful while traveling. We saw the sunset about three times. First while boarding the plane, then over the clouds and again when flying north because the sun goes down much later in Norway than Manchester. It was really nice and so beautiful!

The boys

The boys