Make-Up from E.L.F.

When I ordered from E.L.F for the first time I was wondering if it was dodgy since it was so cheap. I was ordering with a friend of mine and we were both pretty nervous, she hadn't ordered from there before either. I don't even think really bad make-up is this cheap. The different things you get are quite small, but I still think you get a lot for the money and when I got it I was surprised because it was actually really good stuff.

I really needed a neutral eyeshadow to have as a base coat. The mineral eyeshadow I got was just perfect for that, it was just the right thickness. It covers everything, but was not feeling heavy and it was really similar to my own colour.

I already put foundation, powder and a little bronze powder on my skin. I'll complete my look with my new products to get a really fresh summer look. The pictures will show step by step which product I'm using.


This is the gorgeous mineral eyeshadow. The colour is called Beauty Queen. You can find it here. This is what it looks like:


This is something I found very exciting! It's called High Definition and it's described on the website to give you a natural soft focus effect. I was somewhat skeptical, but I actually do think it works. I had originally ordered the High Definition powder to go with it, but they ran out of it so I didn't get it. I am definitely getting it when it comes back in, though. This is meant to be a finishing touch and meant to use on top of the eyeshadow you are using, but I got a little eager and used it before the other one I'm showing you. Ah well, you get to somewhat see the effect regardless.

You can find it here.


I got this concealer because I was in desperate need of one. It definitely does the trick. It's smooth and creamy and easy to smudge out so it looks natural.

My colour is Ivory and you can find it here


This lipstick I thought was really fresh and nice and I don't do bright lipsticks very often so it was nice to step out of my shell a little bit.

The colour on this one is called Pouty Petal and you can find it here .


I really liked this one too. This colour is called Nude and as you can see gives a great finishing touch. I'm considering getting this in more colours, it's really nice. 

You can find it here


So there, just put on a second coat of mascara and you are ready to go. This is a perfect, light and fresh summer make-up. I would really advise to browse E.L.F, they have a lot of cool and useful stuff. I can't wait to order there again!