Muse concert tonight!!

Tonight I'm seeing my absolute favourite band, Muse! It feels so surreal because they are literally playing in my neighborhood. They are playing 10 minutes walking distance from my house! 

I've seen them about 10 times by now (I've lost count) if not more. I've always had to travel to see them, but not this time! They have played in Bergen one time before, but that was in town. Ths time they are playing Brann stadium.

I remember last time I decided to pay a bit more to get in the Golden Circle and could justify it by thinking I had never paid that little to see Muse. I always see them in London or Dublin or festivals around so I have to pay so much for the travel!

I don't feel like I'm going to see them at all. I don't have that feeling that I am so excited that I'm nervous like I always do. It's just too strange to me that they are going to be so close so it's hard to get in the mood! I know when I leave the house, though, I'm going to be so excited that I don't know what to do with myself!!

I can't queue up early to get on front row because we are watching the dog. We can't leave her alone for that long which is a shame. It must be the only band I've really wanted to meet, but never met. I met Dom Howard once at a The Killers party in London, but that's it! It's crazy because I usually know someone who knows someone, know the crew so I can get backstage or just meet bands randomly! I've been lucky that way, it's happened so many times, but it's weird that I don't have any inside ticket to Muse. Maybe that's why they kept my interest for so long, haha, they're just playing hard to get (without knowing it).

Ok, I'm getting a little bit excited talking about it now!! Eeeee! 

Here is the best photos I got from the last time I saw them which was in November last year in Vienna! Ken has much better photos, he had a press pass and everything!