Life according to my phone

On Friday I was first in the stable which was so fun as usual. Zander is really nice lately, he always is, but extra nice lately!  

I'm a member of a Facebook group called 'Buy and sell in Bergen' and saw suddenly that Helene and Renate's dad was selling a guitar. I told Ken about it straight away and he wanted it. So we went to his house and was brought down to the cellar. I expected just a dusty room with a few guitars he didn't use anymore, but we came in to some sort of paradise. The room was full of guitars, amps, pictures of different bands, band t-shirts, music books, a computer and small statues of guitars. He used the room to practice his guitar playing, which by the way, he was amazing at. It was so cool. Ken got his guitar and was really happy, the guitar looks great too, it's a real rocker guitar.

Ken and I later went on a date together to see Man Of Steel. I enjoyed the movie, but I didn't really like the story telling and certain parts so much, but I love action movies so it entertained me well and I had fun (although I fell asleep during one of the biggest action scenes on Ken's shoulder which is so unlike me, but I was super tired!). 

Ages ago I planned to go out with some friends, but last Friday was the only night we could all get together. We met up and had lots of talk, smokes and drinks together.

Here is photos from my phone lately.