Say hello to Albert and Toby

Yesterday I went to a different stable than usual to ride a horse I hadn't been riding before called Albert! His best mate is called Toby and they do pretty much everything together. Toby is a smaller horse, none of us can really ride him so when I was riding Albert Ken walked Toby. It was really cute. Ken is getting better and better around horses which is really cool!

I went to the stable a few weeks ago to say hi to Toby and Albert, but I never rode them before. Albert is an old dressage horse, he's pretty big, really sturdy and safe, his saddle was so comfortable! Toby is a small Arabian mix. He is really cute too, they both got a lot of personality which is fun.

Towards the end of the walk it started raining like crazy so we hurried back to the stable. We have to walk for about 40 minutes to get to Os where we take the bus from, but after having walked for about 10 minutes there came a bus taking us right into Os! We were so happy!! We were already cold and soaking from the rain so that was amazing. Especially since the buses go there only three times a day or so and we weren't even at a bus stop. When I saw it I just took a chance and tried to wave it in and it actually stopped which was so cool!

Right after we had gotten of that bus the next one came, so lucky! When we came to Nesttun, where we change from bus to tram we went grocery shopping and when we were done the tram came straight away!! It was still raining like crazy so I was very happy about that!  I love when stuff like that happens!

Cheeky Toby got a mouthful! 

Cheeky Toby got a mouthful! 

Ken made a super awesome video about our stable trip! Just take a look:)