Getting better

As you may have noticed I haven't blogged since yesterday morning. I decided to take it easy for a little bit and let my arm rest. It's still pretty sore, but it's slowly, but surely getting better. Thank god! I've just stayed at home the last two days, it's weird that it's only been two days, somehow it feels like a week. Normally I love staying in and having a day now and again where I have no plans, but when I'm told to take it easy staying in is the worst thing imaginable. It's OK, though, it's been nice having some rest. Ken has been very good and helped me out with cooking and carrying everything, he's great!

Today it's actually exactly three weeks until we go to New York! I'm so excited I don't even know what to do! It's going to be great!

Old photos are great when I don't have any new ones! This ones is from an outfit a few months ago. I have some ideas and will post some posts in the 'Wine EM' and dine EM' section. I love writing about food, it inspires me to stay healthy. I post about healthy foods and recipes because that's what I'm mostly interested in, but I haven't decided if I will never do an unhealthy recipe. Actually, I don't know if I know any unhealthy recipes. Apart from cupcake recipe, I guess. I don't know. I want to stay as healthy as I can so it's nice to focus on healthy foods. We'll see:)