Memory Monday

Memory Moooonday!

Yesterday evening my grandma called me and she said: "Emily?? Hi! We're coming tomorrow around 8, you're home, right? This time we'll take a trip to town together!". All in one go, just like that! May I remind you that she lives on the other side of the country, she'll have to drive around 8-9 hours to get here. It's so random! I wonder if she thought about it just then and decided to go, that's the way it seemed, anyway! It's usually her, her husband, Inge and their Rottweiler, Roma coming. It's going to be fun, but it means that I have to get this place to look somewhat decent today which will be a lot harder. It's not so bad, but after I hurt my arm I couldn't do anything and it was my turn to do the dishes so they piled up liked crazy! 

So now I'm off to do housework! I'll talk to you later!