Memory Tuesday

I have not found a place with wifi until right now! It's been so bad, now, we've changed hotel and we have wifi in our room so I can blog and keep you updated:)

Yesterday was quite stressful during the day, but ended amazing. First we took a tour bus into Brooklyn. I have to say it was the worst tour we took. It was so bad! We spent more time in traffic in Manhattan than in Brooklyn and the tour guide barely said anything at all! He really just didn't talk more than 3-4 times. All the other tour guides were talking the entire tour and making jokes and everything. This tour guide was sitting in the back talking to a blonde the ENTIRE time! Haha! After we had seen Brooklyn we were back to being stuck in traffic and got so bored. Sometimes, though, you have the best time when you start out being bored because you talk and come up with the weirdest, funniest things!

I'll update you further a little bit later:) Here is my Memory Monday Instagram update, but moved so it's Memory Tuesday this time!