Food Stuff!

As you may know, I'm very eager to learn to cook new things and recipes and when my grandparents were here they finally taught me how to make mashed poteto! Mashed potato has always been one of my absolute favourite side dishes so I'm really, really excited about it! Considering I'm not that fond of potatoes, it's pretty weird, but I've always loved it so much! 

I made it all alone and made it so good so I was very proud, haha! It's actually really easy, I will post a recipe on the blog at some point! 


Apparently Ken knew how to make burger meat and suddenly decided it was a great idea. I don't know what took him so long, I never knew he could make it, but I was excited when it happened! It wasn't so hard at all! Next time I want to learn how to make burger buns as well and then I'll post a recipe!  It was so much fun making it and it was really nice that Ken taught me!

I actually use my own recipes on my blog sometime if I can't remember details! Haha! I want it to be my own recipe book so if I need dinner ideas I can look at my own blog, that would be cool! I don't have that many recipes yet, so I usually make what's on my blog or some simple other ones like different salads and things like that!