Memory Monday

I apologize sincerely for not blogging yesterday and as much lately. Something peculiar is happening with my computer, it won't charge from sockets in the room I'm staying in. I tried to charge it from every socket in the room, but none worked so my computer had no battery for blogging. The weird thing is that about a month ago it used to charge just fine from the socket in the room. It charges perfectly from the socket here in the living room, where I am currently sitting and blogging. it's so weird! I remember Ken had a similar problem before when we used to live in an apartment in Norway. I wonder why that happens! Does anyone know?

Other than that I am busy with my pup, Holly. I'll post some more pictures of her very soon! She is so wonderful!! I'm learning lots about maintaining a dog, how treat a dog and how to enjoy it to the fullest! I'm currently reading my second Cesar Millan book and it's actually so good. He is really a wonderful person who has changed millions of canine lives and well as human lives which I have a lot of respect for. I used to think that Cesar Millan was just a talented dog-guy, but very commercialized and basically just hyped up to be sold like Hollywood does to certain people. However, this random Mexican dog-guy had a mission and something he believed in and actually made it! His message and what he stands for is really wonderful. If you have a dog or are thinking about getting one I would 100% recommend to read his books and watch his show to get a good image on how to fulfill yourself as an owner and most importantly, your dog. I actually think you might enjoy his books without having a dog in your life, but obviously it's very dog oriented.

It's currently so cold and windy here in Ireland. I keep receiving pictures from my dad who is visiting the family in east of Norway and it looks like a winter wonderland and I seriously miss it so much! I really need to visit Norway asap! I haven't been there for over a year which is pretty tough at the moment as I really miss my friends and family. I'll stay strong, though, and go visit really soon.


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