10 Things to Do When Single on Valentines Day

Although I'm currently attached, I've ALWAYS loved Valentines Day. I spent about 18 of them on my own before finding my love to spend them with. I think everyone should be happy on Valentines Day and enjoy it as much as I always have. I would send you ALL Valentines Cards, but instead I'm going to tell you my best suggestions of how to enjoy them on your own.


1. Arrange a girls night out with all your single girlfriends. Or just any friends! Show the world that you are all fabulous. Make sure you look gorgeous and go dancing with your very fabulous friends. There is nothing more fun than that. Maybe you even find a guy who is at a guys night out for the same reason. The kisses could be sweet.

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2. Buy lots of chocolate and stay in with a movie. I've always thought Valentines Day was great for lots and lots and lots of guilt free chocolate in a very pretty box. Lock yourself in and watch your favourite movies or binge watch a TV Show.

3. Picture your Prince Charming or Cinderella. You know, play a little game with yourself. For example: Orlando Bloom's eyes, Chris Hemsworth's smile, George Clooney's smoothness and so on. Fantasize!

4. Buy small Valentines day cards and send or give to your closest friends and family. You are not the only one who is single on Valentines Day. Everyone deserves and loves a little attention, attached or not. It's such a sweet and considerate little thing to do. Who says you only can have one Valentine?

5. Buy yourself flowers. All flowers doesn't have to be a presents from someone else. Nothing is better and lovelier than fresh flowers. Love yourself and get yourself some flowers that smell good and make you happy. They are sooooo beautiful!

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6. Have a personal day to pamper yourself. Take a bath with oils, light candles, face mask, hair cure, do your nails, pluck your eyebrows, use a good body lotion with a fresh smell, get in clean pajamas. Sounds like a plan?

7. Arrange a first date with someone new. Can you imagine how romantic it would be if this turned out to be the one and only? When you get married it would be THE story, of how your first date was on Valentines Day 2014. If it should turn out to be a really bad date, at least it's a funny story!


8. Dress up and have a photo shoot with your friend(s). Let everyone know what they are missing when publishing the pictures. Besides, it's a super fun bonding experience with your friend, you'll have to fin the best way to work together. You can also take turns with taking pictures and posing and come up with lots of great ideas together for makeup and outfits. Personally I think it's very satisfying to get a really great photo of yourself or your friend

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9. Take the first step with your crush. Talk to him or her. Ask him or her out, AT LEAST give them a slight hint! Can you imagine if the feelings were mutual, amazing right? Be a risk taker, just for today!

10. Be patient. If you are looking for love, be patient. My great grandma got a boyfriend at 90. It's NEVER too late to find love. Don't settle for less and be patent until you find the one you really want to be with and make you happy. Until then, do all the things written above and make it a mission to learn how to be happy in your own company and fall in love with yourself.