I'm Back!

Hello my lovely readers:)

I have been away from the blog and most social media for a few days to to take a breather and reflect on life, blog and where I'm headed in life. As I'm writing this I realize this it must seem a little bit as if I'm saying goodbye, but that's not the case. Far from it, actually, basically the opposite.

The blog is what I love doing and what I'm passionate about. It was nice to have some time to think things over a little bit. There is a time right now where I'm choosing to continue some things I started in the last years. Like; Ken and I are having our 3 year anniversary tomorrow and the blog is turning one year in less than two weeks which means that it's time to renew my membership with my website host.

When times like that come around, I like thinking things over and decide what I want to focus on in the future. For example my diet hasn't been the best lately and I'm changing that right now to eat less empty calories. Ken and I are focusing on traveling and how to get to our destinations which is where my focus is with him and when it comes to the blog I want to focus more on fashion. Everything will be the same as normal, but I would like to update Dial EM for Fashion more often and focus on that part more. I would also love to be a better photographer and take better pictures for you.

I can't believe this blog is soon 1 year old! When I look back on how I started I realized how much I've improved. It's been weird to think about my thoughts for the future then and now. I thought I'd never get to where I am now, it felt impossible, but it did happen. It makes me hopeful and feel positive about the future. If all that could happen in one year I can't even imagine what the next year will bring.

There is a new giveaway coming on the blog which I am really excited to share with you. Actually, I can't wait! You're going to be excited, I just know it!

Now, it's soon time to go home from work and it's soon weekend. I'm excited about spending some time with Ken and celebrate our anniversary together. I'm not quite sure what we are doing yet. We did big, great stuff on my birthday and Valentines Day earlier this month so we decided to take it a little more low key and just figure out what to do as we go.

I hope you are all having the best week! Love you all! And thank you so much to those people who has supported me, requested blogs, reached out to me through email and so on. I really appreciate it!