My Saturday

Today had been a long day that started with my neck feeling uber sore and me not being able to tilt my head to the left. Then, a raging headache and a gaming day with Ken and his friends which lasted all day. Ken is part of a gaming community called KJB which is all his friends that he games with on xBox and on the computer. They made a KJB con today so that every KJB member from far and wide could join, meet up and game. They all met and started hanging out years ago and started a little community called the KJB. All the KJB girlfriends are galled the KJB wives and we were also invited. I suspect for the cooking skills because two of the wives Ciara and Aisling had baked loads of cupcakes and cakes and even made homemade pizzas. It was seriously delish!

I was a gamer back in my day playing My Little Pony and The Pink Panther, but it never got any further than that unless you can call Sudoku and Poker gaming.

Now, I've gotten a good few painkillers in my body so my head is feeling better and I can tilt my head slightly further to the left. I've also gotten into my comfortable track suit and I'm ready to watch some Breakfast at Tiffany's.