Truman Capote

The good country days in the country side house continues. Yesterday I had the best Sunday evening which included yoga, a good warm shower and a massage. It was a all heavenly. Today we are doing some more yoga and another massage. We are also visiting the rescue stable we found last time we were in Wexford. I think we are helping out a bit or something. They have lots of foals which I'm so excited to see!

The stable is like a childhood dream of mine in a way. I've been horse riding in a riding school since I was six. I stayed with the same riding school until I was 18 and one of the many things that happens when working with animals, you also have to see them 'go'. This stable takes all the horses that has been abandoned or people want to put down because they lack time or space and cares for them and tries to find a new home for them. It has all the types of horses that no one typically wants like pregnant mares, stallions and so on. I remember wanting to take all the horses being put down before their time and keep them instead of having to say good bye so in that sense, the stable feels like a childhood dream. I'm just so happy to see someone do it! It's a good place, give them a facebook like or check out pictures here. The name of the stable is Charlie's Equine Rescue.

I've been doing lots of reading while down here. I finished The Alchemist and read the rest of Breakfast at Tiffany's as well. Which, by the way, ends completely different than the movie! I was just all like "eh.. uh.. what now?!". A little disappointing, but if you can manage to read it without comparing everything to the movie, it's a very good story!