Travels ahead

I was going to blog earlier, but my computer died because my computer charges decided to quit on me! What a douche!

I have the happiest news, though. Ken and I are going to a wedding in Portugal this September. We haven't been in Portugal before so we wanted to see more parts of Portugal. My dad is a great and very experienced traveler so we asked him if he wanted to come or had any tips.

I was so happy to hear that he wanted to come and is renting a car! So the plan is; We arrive in Lisbon, drive to Seville in Spain, then drive to Faro where the wedding is and then drive back to Lisbon spending about two days in each place. After that Ken and I are going to London and then New York for ten days. Then we fly to California for ten days and then back to Dublin.

What a trip it will be! We booked tickets to Portugal and to London yesterday. Now, we only need to sort out a place to stay in New York and California so we can book those flights too. We have been saving like crazy to be able to do it so I'm so happy to see it come together!