I've been watching Gossip Girl through for the second time recently. The first time I watched it I must have been about 16. I've said this before about Sex and the City, the different stages I've been in in life has had such a huge impact on how I think about the show. I remember the first time I saw the the show (the first seasons that were out at the time) I felt like I could relate to Dan the most. This time around I basically hated Dan, Vanessa and the entire Brooklyn family, ESPECIALLY Dan's dad. Whenever he was in a scene I would just sight and roll my eyes at everything he said.

This time my favourite character and the one I feel like I can relate to the most is Blair. Some of the mean and awful traits I can't really relate to because I really don't like fights or hurting people, in that way I'm very different. I always want everyone to be friends and love each other which is not very Blair, haha! But her sense of style, love for Audrey Hepburn, determination and ambition I feel like I can relate to and also really admire.

I also think the love she has for Chuck and their story makes for a wonderful love story. I also have a huge style crush on Blair, it's simply amazing!