The Wolf of Wall Street Book

Right now I'm full of those feelings you get when you finish a book and you're not ready yet so happy you were on that written journey.

After I saw the Wolf of Wall Street in the cinema I loved it so much that I went and bought the book. I wanted to know more about his way of thinking and more details of what happened. About 70% of the book was word for word the same as the movie. Towards the end of the book Jordan Belfort took me on a real journey through drug addiction, rehab, marriage, love, being sober and so on. I really loved it!

Especially towards the end I could not stop reading and I absolutely did not want it to end which left me in an awful dilemma!

Anyway, I've had a wonderful Monday going to my favourite fro-yo store and got amazing fro-yo and a latte. They also have such good smoothies, I could live in that store!!