Teeth Whitening Giveaway

Teeth can be a sensitive subject if you aren't quite happy with them. It's awful to be self conscious because of your teeth and teeth whitening at a dentist is very expensive. Thankfully a wonderful team, Smile Brilliant, have put this kit together which is the perfect solution.

It's a very effective set that is certain to make your teeth white. I've used it several times and the results are fast and stunning.

You get a package with pastes that you press onto your teeth and leave to dry for a while to get your teeth print. Then you send the paste with your teeth prints back to the company and they will send you plastic impressions of your teeth which you use for your whitening. Mine fit like a charm! I was so impressed!

When you are about to start the whitening process you also use a desensitize gel that protects your teeth which you leave on your teeth for about 30 min before the whitening part begins. I love that because my teeth are naturally sensitive. When I first used it my teeth became really sensitive for the rest of the day (I did it in the evening) and the morning after my teeth was completely fine again. The second time I used this, it wasn't sensitive at all.

I am so excited to be giving away one of these teeth whitening kits worth well over $100! You enter easily by following the instructions below and as usual the winner will be picked in one month. It's an international giveaway so anyone in the world can enter!

Good luck :)