Easter Evening

It's now Easter evening. We've had a lovely dinner and desert with Granny. Now it's thunder and rain outside and I'm drinking water and green tea to try to wash away the extreme fullness I'm feeling because of dinner and two chocolate eggs... That's right.. TWO chocolate eggs, they were so delicious! I had the little one and almost the whole big one. Not quite, besides I shared loads with Ken so there, don't you judge!

However after the chocolate season as I like to call it (forget Easter, it's chocolate season now) I'm quitting sugar!! I only realized it until I wrote it and now I'm like "eeeeek", but actually it's a great idea! I should cut wheat too and anything artificial. I kind of stay away from artificial stuff all the time anyway apart from the occasional diet coke and the occasional trip to McDonald's. Now summer dresses and bikini's are coming closer and closer and it wouldn't hurt to feel sexy while welcoming them so no sugar and wheat it is!