Fine German Chocolate

I just finished the Paulo Coelho book Veronika Decides To Die. It's so good and definitely recommended. I was not quite ready to leave it when it was finished so I went out right after I had finished it to get another Paulo Coelho book. I got the Alchemist, I remember I read it when I was way younger in Norwegian and it left an impression like it have on so many other people. I don't quite remember what it was like so I thought it was time I read it again. I only read the prologue before I had to stop because I couldn't stop thinking about Veronika. I suppose I will pick it back up when I'm ready, the Alchemist I mean.

Ken and I are about to leave for the airport to pick up one of Mandy's friends who only speak German to make sure she goes on the right bus to Wexford.

When Gunther and his kids were here in Ireland they brought with them nice German chocolate. It was so good! It looked really nice too in it's paper wrapping.